Little wants to make a movie…!!!!

I think i have been bitten by Jodie Foster bug because im kind of becoming obsessed with her work. After i saw Little Man Tate it has become worse because now im downloading Taxi Driver, which will be followed by Accused and Silence of the Lambs. I have never written a fan mail but i would love to send one to Jodie Foster, but i have no idea where she lives.

I sometimes wish i could direct a movie. I do. Because i want my stories to be shown, if they cant be made in books i wish i could just bring them out as movies.

Today something strange happened. You know how when you want an idea, a story or a concept but you just wont get it and then it would fall on you out of nowhere. well, that’s what happened.

I have had decided against taking part in NanoWriMo this year because its going to be a busy month as in the No-Time-For-50,000Words busy. But today, as i sat there in my work station staring at the screen with lazy and bored eyes and music in my ears, i got a story. Like a picture it started playing in front of my eyes, so i decided to put the song on replay to not to disturb my thoughts. And since then i have been writing a little bit, every minute, inside my head. O man! now i want to do NanoWriMo badly, time or no time. But problem is my story is so much fresh inside me that i want to just jot it down and not wait for November. The wait is killing me and im afraid it will go cold by then.

Leaving you with the song that helped me find my NanoWriMo story for 2013…


9 thoughts on “Little wants to make a movie…!!!!

  1. to quote Travis from Taxi Driver: “You talking to me?” — I still remember that scene after seeing it when the movie came out, and that was a long long time ago.

      • It’s raw and crazy – with powerful emotion. There was huge controversy at the time because Jody Foster was very young – and many were offended that she was exposed to the ideas in the movie. It also inspired an unbalanced man to assinate President Regan in order to impress Jody Foster ( really )

        It’ll be fun to hear what you thought of it.

        I was in my early 20’s playing rugby – and anytime anyone said anything to anyone they got – “You talkling to me… What the F….” soliloquy

  2. I am a Jodie Foster fan too…since she appeared in “Freaky Friday”. But yes it can never be greater than your love for her 😉
    Anyways I dropped in here to say something that I use to plan to comment on every post of yours. I read most of them through my phone and its hard for me reply from there, so I miss many of my thoughts on my way from phone to desktop. You are the first blogger who pulled me badly towards your blog. The way you write, connect imaginations to your words, add emotions to words is just awesome. Seriously! Whenever I open my blog, the first thing I do is to roll my eyes through your archives and see what they have missed.

    Little always have something or the other to say, and the way she puts her thoughts is luring.

    I love, love and love your blog (thrice to show the impact ;)) and your habit of writing something everyday. You are a Rockstar girl!!!

    • You just made my day…
      I mean here im working over a project which is driving me crazy and suddenly i see a mail on my phone. I click it open, ah a comment..okay lets see…next thing i know i am reading kind and beautiful words from you… 🙂
      Thankyou 🙂 totally made me smile … infact i realised i was smiling sitting alone with my eyes buried in my phone… am sure the guy who sits next to me thinkS am crazy…im sure he does…i mean atleast once a day he catches me doing fake drumming on my keyboard with Avril Lavigne in my headphones…

      okay jokes apart….thankyouuu !!!!!!! 😀
      Fact that you read and really dont mind my babbling even when sometimes its so blue…wow…

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