I don’t want to sound like those devoted sports enthusiast but when Sachin Tendulkar took retirement from ODIs i stopped watching cricket like i used to. That’s a true story.

Cricket has been one thing i watched, played and learned only because i grew up watching Sachin Tendulkar on TV. I had a few posters on my wall when i was a teen, Avril, Britney, Backstreet, an Indian Actress, Disney cartoons and one of him.

So today when the legend played his last cricket match and gave that goodbye speech it was so surreal. Man! It’s like end of an era. Cricket won’t be same ever no matter how many awesome players come.

With Sachin taking a retirement, its a wrap from my end too, because I’m not sure if it would be fun to watch the game without him being in the team. I mean what’s the fun of watching a cricket match when you don’t get scream out loudly “Sachin, Sachin”.

A man so loved, so successful and so awesome, he never let the whole cloud 9 thing get to him. Humble, humble and humble…Sachin Tendulkar is the man who doesn’t fit the standard “Rags to Riches” phrase because he never changed. Maybe he became more appreciative of the love and success but never went on the arrogant side of the love, money and victory.

This one is for him:

To Sir,

Thank You for making cricket what it suppose to be, a gentleman’s game. Thankyou for every cricket match of yours, because whether you scored a century, a double century or a zero, seeing your spirit, your god like aura and your humble smile on the field was always a pleasure. History can never be written without mentioning you in it. It’s an honor to be a part of your cricket journey.

Thankyou for the millionth time, sir.


2 thoughts on “#ThankyouSachin

  1. Driving home from work the other morning I was listening to a presenter do a speel on him on ABC radio. His story is spectacular. He started out so very young and defied the opinions of so many people within the Cricket World as he worked through his early dasy.


    The Cricket Community is truly blessed to have known and experienced such a talent 🙂

    Great reflection!

    • I truly believe a celebrity needs to be his/her best because people follow them, try to copy them and make them as their idol…And sachin is not only one of the best cricketer in the history of the game but he has also been the best example of an ideal star..he never for once has lost his temper in the game, screamed on the opponent team or misbehaved with his own team…never in all these years has there been any report of him acting like a Star or pricey sportsman…something which makes me #Respect him so much…

      Sachin and Roger Federer are two men who make me watch cricket and tennis because of their awesomeness… 🙂

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