To go or not to go…

Recently I read this funny article on how to interact with an introvert. Now am not sure if I really am an introvert but I do have few traits for sure. Article said something about an introvert being someone who rather stay home with his/her books than go out. Hmm Check…

See now I’m confused because I love to go out with my friends (specific few not with those I interact superficially due to work obligations) but I also have days where all I want is to stay home alone and I give as many excuses as possible to not go out, even to the friends I love to hang out with. Now who am I?

Today there is some pre wedding function and tomorrow is the wedding of my office colleagues. Well i know i have to have to go tomorrow but I’m all confused about today. Since morning, since the moment I woke up, I have been doing “to go or not to go”. Giving silly reasons, counting pros and cons and driving myself crazy. Why? Because I don’t want to go and hangout with the office girls, I don’t want to dress up and pretend that I’m having a good time. And I don’t want to listen to “o you look good in Indian suit…o wow look who’s not wearing her snickers” blah blah blah.

My friend says go have fun and come back, but I wonder why a social gathering is never a fun for me, especially a wedding.

I need a flower, cause I’m playing “to go or not to go”

3 thoughts on “To go or not to go…

  1. Sorry Little but you really don’t have a choice do you? Unless you can conveniently break your leg between now and the wedding. I can’t see any other excuse working, and even then I’m sure every person in your office would check the cast on your leg to make sure it’s real. You have to work with these people. Certain social obligations apply. Or there are consequences. Go, say all the right things for a short time and then develop a splitting migraine. Obligations fulfilled, escape possible. 😀

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