weird much?

Im one those of weird people who fall in love with fictional characters to the state where it hurts to see the character dying, even its all fiction. Probably because fiction is where i find peace, love and a sense of calmness. Truth, reality and real people sort of hurt me and i feel like everyone is always judging me. Well i know they got reasons and they are only concerned but.

Anyhow, so its 2 am and i just saw an episode and a fictional character in the show died,well it kind of makes me sad. I mean, what happened to happy endings? Wasn’t fiction the place to find them? I know its not that kind of show where its all roses and sunshine but still. Truth is i have had a bad and a good day, which makes me all weird right now. Good day cause i was out having fun in evening and because i have 3 days of off now with lots of fun planned but i woke up weird. The sense of gloom i woke up with is kind of sticky and even a good evening has not been able to wash it away.

I wish life was fiction, i wish i could just walk inside a book or a show and live like a character inside them, i wish there was a Dawn for real. I wish. Reality is kind of roaming above me like a blue weather, which is why i cant shake off the fact that every smile i give is fake, every laugh i have is fake and im not like any of the people around me and never will be and no one will ever get it, even the ones who love me dearly.

I sound sad i know, sulky i know but i think its the whole waking up on the wrong side of the bed thing. I need to sleep it off and i will be fine because tomorrow is a busy day. Movie, shopping, mall and loved ones. Its just right now i cant find my hope capsule so im all acting like those people with no faith. Cant believe im actually crying over a fictional character. Man! i am super weird.

Better go. Goodnight world!

8 thoughts on “weird much?

  1. I am saddened when characters die too. I always find myself thinking of ways the author could’ve saved them. Sometimes the author had done enough to convince me that the character had to die to get the message across, but at other times I simply don’t get it and then I feel cheated.
    I have been struggling with this issue myself. You see, I’m revising my first completed novel and I have a nice triangle going. In my first draft I felt so sorry for my main character at having to choose that I killed off one of her choices (actually it was her first choice – so it’s not that I made life that easy for her in that respect), but then I realised I’d done the wrong thing. He didn’t need to die simply so that I wouldn’t have to make the lead make a touch choice and justify it. In not wanting to break anyone’s heart I ended up hurting all of them. So now I’ve binned my final chapters and have to do a rewrite. It won’t be a happy ending as such, but I am determined not to kill anyone just for the sake of it. πŸ™‚

    • makes me happy that im not the only one who gets deeply attached with fictional characters… πŸ™‚
      even though a character’s death makes me sad and angry, i have a habit of killing characters in my own stories…most of my stories are focused on a character dying…
      … all the best for your novel… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Recurrent themes in our writing usually come from something that we are trying to figure out for ourselves, so perhaps death is a subject that you are still mulling over, hence the killing off the characters. Thank you for your wishes. Hope to finish revision soon πŸ™‚

  2. i kind of relate to tragedies when writing a story..that’s why killing a character becomes a part of it…
    writing a happy love story comes hard to me but a tragic one is quite simple for me…guess that’s why i will never be a writer πŸ˜›

  3. We call movies with a happy ending Shannon movies ( named after my oldest daughter ) — We watched a bunch of kurosawa movies – and the hero almost invariably dies. After the last one, she stood up shouted – I am not watching any more of these sad movies ! – and stormed out.

    Don’t give up hope.

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