Little misses her little dog…!!!!

I might get my Dawn but i wont ever have you back in my life…i miss you everyday…I miss you trying to fall all over the laptop to get my attention, i miss your happy and jumpy welcome on entering the house, i miss your stubbornly cute face when you had to have what i was eating…i miss everything…i miss you so so much.

Some days, like right now, your absence hits like a sucker punch. Its sad that i can have everything in life, even the most impossible ones like freedom from blues, happy ending and my dawn but what i cant EVER have is you back in my life, what i cant have is all those years of you and me growing up together all over again.

7 thoughts on “Little misses her little dog…!!!!

    • same here…Billgncs is a kind person and he loves dogs too… 🙂
      I wish i could have a rescue dog…but sadly its not possible for me to keep any dog right now…as i live with my parents and they arent ready to have a pet right now…but they know how crazy i m about dogs…

  1. I remember having to have my cat rhubarb put to sleep and it was like a part of me died. I was 26, just had my first born a year before and I was an emotional mess for a month.

    If you are anything like me, your pet/s become like members of the family and when they are lost it is truly devastating!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Miss Lou

    • Its been 9 months now and i miss him terribly…he was my roomate, my little baby, my best buddy and my family…he was a part of our family…my mum dad n brother were also crazy about a baby in a family…first 2-3 months were so hard…i couldnt even mention his name without falling apart…now i can talk about him without crying but somedays his absence hits so all i want is to hug him just once…
      we never had any pet before him…i was a teenager when he came to us..around 15 or 16…and i grew up with him…13 years with him and now he has gone…
      sometimes i am scared of saying i miss him wondering if anyone would ever get it..people who dont have pets usually find it weird that a person can cry over losing a dog or a cat or any pet…

      • I totally #Relate

        It does get easier with time, and eventually you will be able to look at all those great pictures without crying 🙂

        Thanks for sharing.

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