Some of us grew to become Pied Piper…

Sometimes things don’t make any sense to me. Why should everyone agree with each other? Why should i call something red or black or blue if that’s how everyone else calls it? Why can’t i call it purple or pink? Right and wrong are words that can be different for everyone.

World is full of definitions that are carved on stone, you try to amend you are the black sheep. Whoever said being yourself and being proud of yourself matters was only trying to give you an aspirin for the headache; no one tells you how to fix it for the long term.

We live in a world of prejudice and sometimes it bothers me for my sake for those who can’t stand up. It bothers me how some people use religion and the so called Rights and Wrongs of stone age era to craft a world of injustice and unfairness.

I am no fighter but it doesn’t mean i can’t express my opinion about how pride and prejudice is not mere a title for a book. How some people are still not good enough for those who are incapable of seeing the world through others eyes.

I might call it a pen because you said so, but i wouldn’t believe i can’t it anything else when you aren’t around. For there is a world of my own with its own rights and wrongs.

Truth is, some people can’t see a rainbow as a rainbow they see it as part red, part blue, part green and so on. A rainbow is where all colors come together to become something extraordinary, its not part this part that its one beautiful and magical thing.

Don’t ask me why I’m writing all this. I just needed to vent out.

Goodnight world!


5 thoughts on “Some of us grew to become Pied Piper…

  1. Given the political and social disparity of our country, I feel pity because we are all so divided. Despite of the preamble propagating the unity of nation, we are more and more drifting apart from each other as one could notice in the indifference between the southern and northern states and the complete ignorance of the far eastern ones.
    I am sorry for going the political way because I have been thinking quite similar to your thoughts nowadays. 🙂

    • i know what you mean…the whole social and political scenario of the country is exactly how this post came up…the way we are using politics, religion and everything else is sad…
      i saw an episode of buck stops here by Barkha on NDTV on #377…. and it was quite moving..there a grandmother on the show, i have never met any granny like here…she is a rockstar…you should check out it on youtube.
      everyone is fighting for something…
      i dont like any political party even the new so called clean AAP…i refuse to believe politics can be clean, no matter which party…
      phew! so much venting..sorry about that…

    • but some heroes cant fight because the bad guys are there in millions… 😛
      im deeply upset with the fact that some of us are still stuck to stone age era and its stone carved rules thus being unfair to those who need compassion because they are different…
      why some of us grow up to be mean and bullies…
      religion is used wrongly…even God must have not expected us to be so indifferent …
      i guess am little too pissed…so all this venting…

  2. this reminds me a bit of William Wilberforce, who argued in the house of lords against England participating in the slave trade. He was mocked and derided, but still he stood by his beliefs. Shortly after he retired from the house due to ill health, or possibly death – they voted to stop using English ships to transport slaves.

    He never raised a gun or fought, but he stood for his convictions. Stand for what you believe, and the person in the mirror will be proud.

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