What would i do? What would you do?

World is full of people who can surprise us and of morons who can make us wonder if its time to buy property on Moon, to shift.

Today my brother, i call him Dexter like the one in cartoon, had an accident and fortunately and by God’s grace he is safe and unhurt. But my old scooter that he was driving is in pieces and totally smashed up. How many good & crazy memories i have with that scooter, from good’ol college days? Anyhow, the guy who hit him ran away leaving my brother on the road. Kind of makes me angry, what if my brother had gotten seriously injured, what if he needed medical attention? Wasn’t the guy supposed to get out of his car and see if the guy he hit is okay?

Then i thought what would i do if i accidentally hit someone? Would i get panicky and run away? Would i help the other person? What would i do? Would i act sensibly or take the escape route? Well i thought all this way after i was done getting all Hulk angry about the guy who hit my brother with his car, cause i was worried thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong. Sure, my brother is a moron and super irritating at times but whether he likes it or not i love him and i think he knows that.

Good thing about the situation was the people who came out as heroes. The lady driving behind my brother, the guy standing nearby and another guy in his car somewhere there. They all came to my brother, talked to him if he is okay and gave him the number of the car that got away after hitting him. The guy who was driving by actually followed that car for long time before he lost the chase. He then came back and gave my brother car number in case there is a report to be filled and he was like “call me if you need a witness”. Now that’s kind if heroic to me. People don’t do that much.

Like i said, world is full of people of all kinds. A long time ago i once accidentally, driving same scooter which is kind of a junk now, hit a car from back. It was a traffic light zone everyone was waiting for the lights to get green, i was lost somewhere and took time to press on brake and next thing i know i hit the car and fell. My fault totally. I was 19 or 20 years, young, new driver and scared that the driver in the car would be super mean to me now. It was a man, he walks out of his car picks me up and asks me if I’m okay and if i need help. I was like super touched. I damaged his car but he didn’t for once care about his car, because he was worried if the girl who just cost him a junk of repair money, for no fault of his own, was okay and unhurt. That’s heroic.

Then there are people like that rich guy in his sedan. Again the same scooter. It wasn’t his fault or mine, it was a blind zone, yes he should have honked because he was coming on main road. But it wasn’t anybody’s fault. Yet the guy to me is a loser. Why? Because he hit me and i fell? No. because his driver hit me, i fell and instead of helping me get up or even asking me if I’m okay, he said something to his driver, who put the car in reverse gear, changed the lane and drove away like nothing happened. And I’m like “hmm, hey mister a little hand here would be good”.

Weird how so many accidental memories are refreshing up. I wasn’t planning on writing tonight, but after today’s incident i couldn’t help wonder about how different people react differently to a situation.


4 thoughts on “What would i do? What would you do?

  1. Hit and Run drivers are the lowest of the low. I don’t care how panicked someone is, you don’t just leave a person lying in the road and drive off. I hope the police catch that miserable bastard who hit your brother and throw him in jail! What a coward. 😦

    • its sad how people can leave someone on road and walk away…a person can be inured badly and chances are you are the only one to take him/her to a hospital…but not many stop…isn’t that sad?
      i was very angry yesterday because i kept on thinking how things could have gone bad…my brother could have gotten seriously hurt but the car driver just ran away…
      its sad Meeka how some people give into panic and forget their responsibility as a human being…

      • I don’t know that it’s ‘sad’ Little. Maybe it’s the darker side of human nature, or perhaps it’s the darker side of the times we’re living in.

        I was raised to own up to my ‘mistakes’. I guess I was conditioned to be a good citizen.

        You asked what would any of us have done in the same circumstances. I /know/ I would have stopped. Would not have been capable of doing anything else. Not because I’m brave or the most compassionate person in the world – but because my guilt and horror would have made me stop.

        -sigh- Now I’m sounding like one of those old, old people who thinks everything was better when they were young. Gah. 😦

      • 🙂 you dont sound old…you sound just what everyone should sound like…
        compassion is lost..
        it would haunt me if i hurt someone and failed to help…
        Meeka its not just Hit and Run. I think world on whole is losing touch to the humanity factor…see how every country is fighting, people in some countries are suffering due to their own leaders and how crime, hate, prejudice and greed is just on every news… kind of makes me sad

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