Shh…dont tell my mom !!!

When i was a teenager, i used to write poems to tell people how much i love them, i wrote them for a long time then one day stopped. I even used to make  my own greetings cards for my friends but then i stopped. Gifts were my favorite part and now they too have become a rare thing. I have become a different person when it comes to showing my real feelings because I’m just so scared and sad and bitter all the time, but that doesn’t mean i don’t care or love.

I saw this  advertisement on Youtube today and i realized how much i love my mom but i never tell her. Maybe because we don’t have that thing in our family, we guys never say i love you much, we just get all worried for each other but don’t really say the words much. Plus, i kind of spend a lot of time wondering why i’m not like my family. Truth is i think my mom is a very brave person for she puts up with everyone in the house and still cares and loves us. She and i two very different people but i am so blessed to have her.

I have my reasons for being a cold and unattached person, when it comes to pretending. But truth is i am not heartless. Don’t tell her this but my only regret in life is that i cant ever be a daughter she deserves. Shh…!!!

Moms are closest thing to a real Super Heroes.

Leaving you guys with a cute video on moms.





6 thoughts on “Shh…dont tell my mom !!!

  1. I do not cry easily but this youtube video made me cry so hard. I am not sure if I should show my husband or not (he is much better at showing his emotions and he will cry intensively for sure).
    It is not easy when you are “too much” for the world. I remember when my therapist told me that my fire is too scary for some and I have to learn to turn it a bit down. And even today, when I received an email from a woman I do not know yet, I was double reading my answer to her to check if I sound normal. (I am looking for other mothers who might want to go on a play date with me and my baby).
    Anyways, I think it is good if one learns not to scare others off but you should never leave yourself behind while doing so. “Nobody gets left behind”. Do you recall what this is from?
    Be true to yourself because those who really matter around you will appreciate the beauty of your flame. 🙂
    Thank you so much for this post!
    xoxo, Eszter

    • i totally agree with you when you say “never leave while doing so”…
      i too think im too much for the world but then again maybe because i have not seen the world outside my world…
      this video was so emotional that at that moment even i wanted to be a mother and love and take care of a child and make world a better place for her/him… but truth be told im not a mother kind person…im too messed up …

      I am sure you n baby are goin to find really great mother baby friends for the play date…

      “Nobody gets left behind” is that from a war movie…i cant rem… 🙂 help me out here …

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