3 thoughts on “#SameLove

  1. Wow – I’d read about this but seeing it is so much more powerful. Thanks for posting this Little. I think what I love most about it is the message that we are all just people, and love is love. It’s not a new message but it has never been more relevant. -hugs-

    • made me cry…its way too powerful than the original video…i love the message too…
      love is love…Meeka i wish one day world would stop being hateful towards same love …
      makes me sad how some of us judge and hate because we dont understand…this song made me realise how big a difference artists and celebrities can make by spreading messages of equality…everyone listens and follows their fav celeb and if every celeb starts spreading message of equality and same love, the way Macklemore and Ryan Lewis through this song, chances are a large part of new generation would start accepting and understanding the importance of compassion…
      i hope one day this message becomes the anthem in every corner…

      • Changing attitudes is never easy, but there is a kind of snowball effect, and I do believe the snowball is gathering momentum. In a generation or two, people will look back on this time and shake their heads in disbelief that people could be so blind. -hugs-

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