Raincheck to Gotham blues…!!!!

I had a good day today, because i went shopping on a work day. I went shopping with friends in the middle of my Gotham day and it felt good. I’m going to miss this fun now, cause i very rarely get to have a outing with these two friends as we all stay in different corners of the world. almost different.

My head hurts but its okay cause i feel kind of nice, despite the fact that i don’t know when i will have another such outing.

Hey do you know that lately all i think about is that plane…the missing airline. In a world of modern gadgets, technology and all those spying satellites and radars, we have lost a plane with over 200 people on board. Its a mystery that i cant stop thinking about. I cant imagine what the relatives of the passengers must be going through. Its sad enough to lose someone but to not know what happened to them is super crazy sad.

Goodnight world!

P.S leaving you guys with really cute video thing. Checkout its kind of nice, cute nice.


4 thoughts on “Raincheck to Gotham blues…!!!!

    • Dont know Tom..its crazy…how can we lose a pain in this era?
      Im already obsessed with amelia earhart’s mystery…that wasnt d age of technology and spying and so we lost her but now we have it all…satellites..so many of them…

      i dont know if its a crash or a hijack ..but its kind of too mysterious…12 days and no sign of it…no distress call from pilot..no message from any passenger and if the news is correct how the hell this the plane reached Perth…

      Tom i wish i knew…what do u think hijack ? ..

      • lilMiss, if I was smart enough to solve this, I could be prime minister of Malaysia. I got to go with the pilot being involved as most employees don’t buy their own simulator. But if it ends up that it did crash which is likely, we will never really know the motive. This is doubly hard on the families.

        Hopefully you don’t have any flights booked in the near future. Take Care.

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