Why do we have to hate what we cant understand?

Well UK has now legalized same sex marriage and i was going through some tweets, at first i found many supportive tweets mostly congratulating and celebrating the whole change. But then there were those hateful tweets almost cursing everyone and anyone who supports the new law.

I get it, people not opening to the idea of homosexuality. But what i don’t get, is the hate.

Truth is, my head hurts right now. I have had a very very busy day and its going to be same tomorrow. I wanted to stay up and read but i think that would be suicide. I need to sleep for me, because my boss wont care if i’m dying all he needs is this deadline thing to be taken care of.

Vacation. That’s what i need. I think i would be planning one soon, if i managed to survive by then.

7 thoughts on “Why do we have to hate what we cant understand?

  1. I can’t speak for the haters, Little, but I /think/ they’re just basically scared, and that makes them angry, and then the anger turns to hate. Sadly, that’s how human nature seems to work, not for everybody, but definitely for some.

      • I’m not sure either, Little. Perhaps it’s just that age old fear of anything that’s different. Or unknown. I’ve had gay friends since my university days and to me they are just friends. I don’t see anything ‘strange’ about them. Unfortunately, most people who don’t have gay friends know only the exaggerated stereotype portrayed in the media. I think attitudes are changing, but there’s still a lot of resistance from ultra conservative groups, some religions, etc. They really try to play on people’s fears. If we could do something about /them/ attitudes might change a lot faster.

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