Meet San Francisco and Arizona…!!






The 3 pictures above are of San Francisco…who comes to our door and starts all MEOW loud and high, till we give her milk…but she is too shy for anyone of us to stay around. We have to put the milk in the bowl and walk few feet back or go back inside, only then she comes out of the hiding place of her. Yes, she has a hiding place, the moment we get her the milk she runs behind a small water tank and keeps looking at us. We go and she come out for her food.

And down below is Arizona. She ain’t no scared or shy. She walks with us to her bowl, waits for her milk and then drinks all happy.



4 thoughts on “Meet San Francisco and Arizona…!!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love these pics, and the fact you and your family are caring for these small, homeless people! As a cat lover from way back though, don’t give them too much milk, it might give them the trots. Maybe a little meat and a bowl of water. Btw my Harry looks like a great big version of San Francisco! Please keep updating us on these babies. 😀

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