Everyone’s got a story…!!!!

Have you ever wondered about people around you? The ones you see in a mall or a coffee shop with their friends or partners, when they think no one is noticing them, do you ever wonder what their story is? Today while I was sitting alone in Dunkin’s having coffee and working on my story, I looked at few faces around and even when I was walking to my car I couldn’t help but observe people. A part of me was wondering if these faces too have something hidden, a secret, pain or a desire or a broken heart maybe.

It’s hard to imagine other people having hard time, when you are busy fighting unspeakable pain but truth is everyone has got a story to tell. When I was driving to the mall, while singing out loud in my car, I saw a cop standing on the sidewalk. He was probably one of those low paid guys whose job is to observe or keep an eye on people. It was a beautiful evening, good weather and here he was standing all alone. I couldn’t help but wonder what’s his days are like. Does he hate his job like I do? I mean no one likes cops. Usually, cops are always the bad guys because that’s how the world sees them. But was that young man dressed in his uniform a bad guy too? Did he too live on bribe and bullying kind of lifestyle? Or was he just a man who became a cop thinking he would make a difference or because his family thought it’s a good profession?

We all have a story but most of us are way too busy being the hero of our own movie. I’m. I personally spend all my time feeling bad for me, like how the universe is doing injustice to me and how happy endings are like Loch Monster. You never get to see them, but you can and you always talk about them. All the time.

So what made me stop and observe and wonder about other people? Because that’s what you do when you are out on your own. Today I realised that when you walk into a crowd with friends you don’t look around, you are way too busy living the moment. But when you walk into the same crowd all alone, you look around, you listen to the whispers and funny conversations, unwillingly of course, and you observe and wonder.

Lately, I have started spending my weekend evenings or afternoons at coffee shops all alone with my little book and a pen. I get lost in my story with a cup of coffee. It feels weird, funny and sad sometimes to drive to the city alone but that’s what happens when you try to spend your life practising the art of ‘how to shut out the world’.

The story that I’m working on is called “Yours Grace” and chances are no one will ever get to read it but it matters to me.

We just had the same yearly chess tournament thing at Gotham. No I didn’t win the tournament, but I made it to the semi final and best part was a crazy 4 hours long chess match between my CEO and me. I nailed it. But then I lost to some guy. I used to be a chess champ and two back to back winnings made me a hero but now I can’t play like I used to. I would like to believe I’m Roger Federer of Chess, good but not good enough to steal the show.

After a long time i have written so much on my blog, because for some reason, today I feel like talking to someone like nonstop anything. The football final would start at 12:30 am as per Indian time but I don’t think I would be able to stay up. I’m exhausted. I want to see Messi win, but I’m way too exhausted.

Goodnight world!