Rain is a good place to hide tears…!!!!

I feel sad like sad, sad…you know. I’m exhausted and I need weekend. I’m sleep deprived and all lost.

All I need is a hug…i miss my friends, I miss my snowy and I miss being okay…
Just one more day at Gotham and then I can die on my bed for two days.

If only you could buy hugs in the stores or find them hanging on tress…if only. Honestly, I don’t even know what made me cry. Wasn’t a bad day. Nothing happened.

Guess I need sleep. Real bad.

Goodnight world!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Rain is a good place to hide tears…!!!!

  1. Its sad that you’re sad. I liked the picture though..rains have always made me feel special about myself ”Like it rained for me today”.
    Anyways there is no big point in this comment, so you can just say I stopped by to say a ‘Hii’.
    I am longing for the weekend too!!

    • oh my god…i feel that same way…like it rained for me today…i say that alot..
      crazy haan…guess rain can do that…i lovee monsoon…
      thankyu for stopping by and saying HI…cheered me up…
      i hope weekend gives us little more rain 😀

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