I miss tiny little you…Happy Birthday my love!!!!

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8 thoughts on “I miss tiny little you…Happy Birthday my love!!!!

  1. I generally dont like dogs (I am really sorry for hurting sentiments) but I live in this place where my tenants had two dogs. On was exactly similar to the one you posted above…I hated him badly. He used to go out every morning and while returning back he followed this ritual of coming to my floor and irritate me. One morning he went for a walk ..and never come back home. He was taken.. He was gone forever and I realized how badly attached I was attached to him. Though I didn’t realize but I was.

    I realized that he was no more a dog for me..he was one of those friends who irritate you for the heck of it just to make you fall in love with them even more. I miss him and whenever you post your snowy’s picture..a flashback of his dreamy eyes starts in the back of my head. woooohhh…I never thought I’d ever love any dog so much that he’ll be worth of such a long piece of comment.

    I wrote it here because you know that feeling..right!

    Happy Independence Day!!! And Happy belated birthday to him πŸ™‚

    • i get that…we got snowy when i was in 10th and living in Hyderabad. He was kind of my brother’s birthday gift who was like ‘i want a Puppy’ …so we got a puppy…i was scared at first because we never had any pet, i wasnt scared of the dog but of the fact that what if puppy never likes me…and then i fell in love with him…Its hard because i have every single day waking up to his little face for past 13 years..he would wake me up early morning for his morning walk and i would be all irritated sleepy and begging Gimme 5 more minutes but we wont listen…
      I would come back home to his tiny eyes with that look that said I missed you…he wont leave till he got enough petting..at night he would jump on the bed and fall asleep near my feet…

      every day i miss him ..even the mornings where i would he would be like Yay wake up lets go n i would like No i want to sleep…

      What happened to your tenant’ dog…who took him…what was his name…it is awful …when one of our friend’s dog went missing and was later found dead i felt so bad and i realised i could never take such pain…

      Like you even i wasnt a dog fan until snowy came home…guess dogs know how to find a way into our hearts… πŸ™‚

      Happy Independence day to you… πŸ™‚
      Hope you have a happy long weekend…

  2. Weekend is never long πŸ™‚ However they long it is, it vanishes within a fraction of seconds. Hope you had a good one as well πŸ™‚ I went to a friend’s wedding. We were in school together since Kinder Garten. How time flies….I was just wondering and reminiscing the school days.
    Anyways, the dog’s name was ‘Browny’ and he was taken by some people who later sold him (as per the news we got later). We have the other dog though, but then you know what parent’s say–if we have two kids, we never divide the love we multiply it. Same was the case with these dogs..If one is gone it doesn’t mean the other can compensate his loss. Yes, we love the other one more now..but we miss browny very much.

    emergingwriters44@gmail.com–This is my mail id. If you ever want to play “You’ve Got Mail”. The rules would be same–except of the fact that I am a girl. πŸ˜‰

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