Rural Russia

This picture here made me write this little something…..

if it was up to me,
if you and i were meant to be,
i would have taken you
and me,
to a bridge,
sat next to you,
opened a letter,
meant for you,
read my confession,
of my love and passion,
i would have kissed you,
on the bridge,
told you,
its our place,
forever let your grace,
be on me,
for i see no light,
i cant fight,
the darkness without you,
i would have let you,
hold my hand,
as i would have promised,
eternity and
forever to you,
but truth is,
there is,
no you or me,
we weren’t meant to be,
so i sit alone,
thinking of a bridge & you,
a love story,
of us together ,
smiling at each other.


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