Just wanted to talk…

Yes, Avril Lavigne has gone from awesome punk rocker to a pop diva i can’t relate to, but i found a good song from her current album. BTW, if you are someone who fell in love with Avril from Complicated and Nobody’s Home then never ever ever listen to Hello Kitty, cause it would hurt you bad.

I still love her because i grew up with some legendary Avril Lavigne songs…

Anyhow, before i leave you with the song I wanted to talk. Nothing specific, just random. Today, i was sitting in a meeting and some days when i’m a part of such meetings with the big guns, being the only woman in the group, i feel proud of myself. Because lets face it i’m not very good with things, i have worst management skills, i don’t like my work, i have personal struggles 24/7, i dont even have the leadership qualities one need to be a Team Leader and i have these friends called Panic Attack, Anxiety, Depression and Anger. But some days i feel like patting my back because only i know how broken i’m to be sitting around people discussing work and team distribution and management of resources etc etc etc.

Truth is i was taught well my mentor, but its kind of amazing how i’m walking straight on the rope even with the panic button stick to  my skin.

Maybe, i was born to be this…this girl who would be fighting secretly with unseen forces for the rest of her life like a SuperHero, while seeming pretty normal, childish and spoiled to people in her life. Bruce Wayne/Batman or Oliver/Arrow? Don’t know.

But, today i felt proud of me. I know there is no reason i’m the black sheep but i felt like giving myself a pat.

Happy Weekend…

Goodnight world!

4 thoughts on “Just wanted to talk…

  1. Hello Kitty is HORRIFYING. (The song.) Anyway, I can definitely identify with this post. I get very nervous about screwing up basic human interaction, going to new places (what if I get lost?), and offending people. I’ve never had a full on panic attack, but looking back, I may have come close. You’re not alone! I think a lot of people feel deeply unsure of themselves at least some point in their lives, and giving yourself a pat on the back for surviving the day is one of the best things you can do.

    • right? I wonder what was Avril thinking…i mean …Hello Kitty is the worst song in history of music..and its coming from a major Avril fan…
      I think people who have this whole tendency of worrying about screwing things, because human interaction is the most complicated thing ever, are the only people who can fix themselves…ofcourse, with some help from lots of fiction and food and music and fiction…
      Being a Twilight reader, i have to ask…have you read ‘Host’ by Stephenie Meyer?

      • WordPress ate my reply, so, here we go again. I think it had dubstep in it too, but I may have blocked it from my memory.

        That’s a very good point; people who think they’re perfect will never get the help they need. On the other hand, though, you can take it too far in the opposite direction–constantly tearing yourself down does no good for anyone, and it’s very hard to get out of the habit. I’m trying to stop, but it’s a long road to recovery.

        Yes, I read it and loved it. Maybe not as much as Twilight, since Twilight is pure brain candy, but it was a little deeper and sadder and I appreciated that. Stephenie writes from a non-human point of view very well, I think.

      • recovery is definitely the longest road on planet…never seems to end…
        I have read all Stephenie Meyer books including the Short Story of Bree Tanner (which kind of was sad but interesting), except Host..i wanted to know if i should read that…

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