lets add some love in 2015…cause world needs it so much…

may the ‪#‎NewYear‬ gives you what you want…may you want ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎happiness‬ and ‪#‎love‬…for #2014 has given too much pain, hatred and violence to the world…lets make a year where we open arms to people without judgement and hatred…

wishing you all a ‪#‎beautiful‬ #2015 …….!!!!!!!!

of course you can judge her…it costs you nothing!!!!!

One of the easiest thing in the world, and absolutely free of cost, is to judge someone…who cares about the backstage story or the ‘why’ behind things. So sure go on judging, its fun and free…o don’t worry about her, she would survive. Nothing that a good song, few tears and a cup of coffee wont heal.


Dear Batman…

Dear Batman,

Its okay to be tired and exhausted and low for you are just Bruce Wayne, a millionaire with a fancy mask and damn cool gadgets.

– Voices inside your head

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Merry Christmas…!!!!!

I hope there is a dawn for me and for everyone who needs it. It would be a waste of a good life that we have here if we give up on hope, even if we know its just a thread holding us for little more days or weeks or months or years. We are what we are, no one can change that and that’s what makes us special- our story. Don’t we all have one?

I have a story, a heartache, lots of issues and impossible & hopeless desire of a life I live inside my head. But I don’t ever want to give on hope, I want to believe that even though world is mean and hard and sometimes too racists or judgmental, but there are people who have nothing but love to give. I want to believe its okay to smile at others and at yourself for that’s how you make kindness survive among the seeds of hatred, sown up all around.

If you are someone who is hurting or wondering what is the purpose of anything or trying to hide those tears behind a still smile, I so so so dearly hope you would hold on to hope and smile and love yourself even if its hurting.

Maybe the world is dark and scary, but if you give up now or do not continue walking ahead how will you find kindness and people who would want to hear your story and fall in love with you despite every word you say.

Maybe happy endings are for movies but I hope you would still find a tiny little corner, inside your aching heart, for hope and a smile for yourself.

I hope you would learn to be kind to yourself…that makes a huge difference. Its okay to be your own person, your own super hero and your own Santa. If you can learn to love yourself and be kind to your hurting soul, you will find its not hard to hold on.

If hope is not your thing, if you are seeing the picture of life with all its
ugliness and sharp edges, just be gentle and kind to that person in your mirror.

Hanging on to the invisible threads of Hope…i wish you all

Merry Christmas

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Little loved The Hunger Games…!!!!

I know i’m late on the wagon but ‘The Hunger Games’ movie is awesome…Now i get the whole hullabaloo around Jeniffer Lawrence…She was fantastic first two movies, i’m yet to watch the third one.

Though i wonder if i should have started with the book first.

BTW, i hate winters…its making me lazy and lazy. I cant get out of my bed, have stopped my evening walks and i’m scared of ice-cream cause i know what it would do to my throat. I miss ice-cream.

Hatred is drilling a hole in humanity

I was accidentally going to hurt a man, probably kill him, and the thought of that day still haunts me. The flashes wont stop and probably never will. And here are these people who just stormed into a school building killing kids. How can one sleep with a thought of hurting someone? Six people get up one fine morning, pick their guns and go out with blood on their mind. Why? How would killing school children solve your problem with the government or military?

Maybe they were following some universal loser’s guidebook with that ‘If you cant fight the big guys, beat the shit out of weaker ones’ rule.

Then there was this guy who decided to terrorize morning coffee drinkers sitting in a cafe in Sydney, for no reason at all.

The woman, one of the of the victims, who died in the cafe was a mother of 3 young kids. What will the father tell them? Why was mommy killed? What was her fault? or theirs?

How does hurting school going kids or innocent 9 to 5 job civilians be a part of someone’s life agenda?

These might be just news we heard or read about, chances are yesterday and today world went through some more disgusting and disturbing acts of violence in places where cameras and media couldn’t reach. Chances are some more innocent people must have suffered horribly by hands of insane minds around the world, but nobody noticed.

Truth is, hatred is drilling a hole in humanity every single day.