Moon at Nine…!!!!!

Some books are good…some are beautiful…and then there are those which are important…the must read ones…this is an important book.

We need to read this one. Everyone of us.

It broke my heart but made me smile, it made me fall in the innocence of love and it made me see the nakedness of truth. My heartaches for real life Sadira and Farrin.

Truth is time has changed, generations have changed but world hasn’t. There are so many Farrin and Sadira in so many corners of the world.

I finished this book in 3 days, took me 3 cause of the stupid cold and stomach ache trying to kill me. I would have finished in one or two days. Never have i finished a book so fast. Last time i cried like this after a reading book was when i read ‘Sarah’s Keys’.

All I say is this is an important book…

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