The day that made me fall out of love with rain…

Today i had an accident, i was in my car and the guy was in his scooter. It was rainy and foggy, next thing i know. I cant even talk about it cause then i will have to think about it. Nobody got hurt. Thank God. I think my heart stopped for a millions, billions and trillions of seconds.

I stopped the car, ran back to him, he was fine and complaining and i was apologizing. I asked him Are-You-Okay a million times but he was busy talking about the damage i did to his vehicle. I was terrified and i still am jumpy, but the part where the guy, who could have died, was simply worried about the damage and money kind of still sounds funny to  me.

I have this feeling inside me that i dont think would go away soon. I dont want to close my eyes or i will it, the scene. I know everyone is okay. Nobody got hurt or injured. But i cant stop this shivering inside me. I have had my shares of banging my car here and there but this one was different. Like a movie scene, the bad ugly scary movie scene.

And now i hate rain or thunderstorm. I hate the fact that thunderstorm wont stop.


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