Little loved The Hunger Games…!!!!

I know i’m late on the wagon but ‘The Hunger Games’ movie is awesome…Now i get the whole hullabaloo around Jeniffer Lawrence…She was fantastic first two movies, i’m yet to watch the third one.

Though i wonder if i should have started with the book first.

BTW, i hate winters…its making me lazy and lazy. I cant get out of my bed, have stopped my evening walks and i’m scared of ice-cream cause i know what it would do to my throat. I miss ice-cream.

4 thoughts on “Little loved The Hunger Games…!!!!

  1. I liked the books but I was quite unimpressed by the first movie.
    It is good that you are liking the movies. Try the books as well: they are worth reading once at least. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend.

    • now that i have seen the movies i kind of wish i had read the book first…would have been better…books are always better … i think i will read the books too… 🙂
      weekend was mostly spent winter shopping or hiding in the quilt…hows the temp at your end?

      • The minimum has spiraled down to about 3. On the coldest day, the maximum was 8 C. It is quite cold here. I am coming to Delhi tomorrow, which might not provide much relief, since the news is breaking (like any other year) that the winters have yet again broken records in Delhi. 😀 🙂
        Stay warm.

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