I rather be the wrong one…!!!!

Some days my heart hurts not for things inside my head but for what we have become. Us. Humans. People. We.

Everything about us is so repulsive, damaged and irreparable. I mean even God must be wondering what happened to the tiny pretty people that were created to bring life to a lonely planet. We have become Haters, Extremists, Cheats, Murderers, Terrorists and Egoistic monsters who would do anything to destroy love that is not straight, religion that is not ours, people with different skin color and accent, neighbors we were raised to dislike and humans we have never met but we truly believe are responsible for all the bad that happened to our people in some ancient history, we weren’t even part of.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we were meant to hate each other in the name of religion, cast, color, gender and disability. Maybe I’m defected if i think otherwise. Maybe the fault is in me. But if I’m wrong, if I’m defected then I guess I don’t want anyone to fix me. I rather be broken, defective and wrong than be part of a human system that feeds on hatred and anger and vendetta.

I saw this movie today and I think it got me thinking about it. Truth be told, I dont think earth has that many years left for us to grow up and become tolerant to each other. Cause the amount of hate we have around us, it would take a good couple of hundred years for the us to be anything more.


5 thoughts on “I rather be the wrong one…!!!!

  1. You’re not the only one, Little. It’s just that the haters are so much louder than we are. We just want to keep the peace so we stay quiet, letting /them/ take up all the oxygen. But ever post like this one proves that they are in the minority. -hugs-

    • Meeka you are so right…but i just hope, so hope, that one day we would have a generation where Hate would no longer be a word…i wish we had a like a real superhero who would just not let anyone hurt anyone…
      I kind of get little emotional about people being judged for their skin or cast or gender or anything that makes them different from others… but im glad im not alone…m glad there is you and so many others who feel the same way…
      Lots of love -Little 🙂

  2. so true,hate is the cancer but you are always the surgeon and you can always excise it from your heart.As an African my history is ripe with hatred, malice and the ever uncomfortable inhumanity of the slavery that was. A latent kind of racism is always hovering so close but i choose not to continue proliferating the pain of wounds past.
    great post, i’d rather be wrong too.

    • am so happy to have met another wrong one 😀 …hope someday we all turn into the wrong ones…we all will stop making fun of lgbt, we all will stop wishing ill for those who live in countries we are at war with, we all will stop using color a reason to degrade people we dont even know, we all will stop being what we are now…haters …we all will be wrong enough to change the “acceptable”….cause i dont accept hate…
      i wish one day the wrong ones like us will become the majority drowning the hate …i dont know how many earth years will that take…

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