Dear Yang Xiaoyun, Thankyou…!!!!

Dear Yang Xiaoyun,

A hearty thank you for saving all those dogs. You are what the world needs, a real hero.

I don’t want Yulin Meat Festival to stop because I’m a dog person, but because its way to insane and barbaric. When I read about the festival, it broke my heart but when I read about you I found hope. Hope for those scared animals sitting in those cages, waiting to be killed, cooked and eaten. I want to scream and shout at someone for the very existence of the event.

I know a lot of people must have told you what a good thing you do every year by saving dogs; I too want to say the same thing. But more than that I want to say THANK YOU on behalf of those who are angry, sad and shocked but have no idea what to do to make a difference. You are making a difference, you are saving doggies the best gift from God. Thank you for saving them.

Thank you for your will, courage, love, empathy and bravery.


A dog lover who is in pain.

Yang Xiaoyun is the real super hero!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Dear Yang Xiaoyun, Thankyou…!!!!

  1. I saw this on TV last night! She is wonderful, and I hope this focuses people’s minds on our responsibility to the animals we adopt. They are like children. Once you have one, you can’t send it back, or dump it somewhere because it is no longer cute…or convenient. 😦

    • Meeka I wish more and more people who have the money would come forward…all those celebrities need to stand up now…she is using her pension money . People who have big bank accounts need to support her or buy dogs to save them…I really feel celebrities need to stand up…this is where they can use their influence and money and stardom…

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