My kind of Saturday night…!!!!

Problem with You’ve Got Mail is…even if you play it for just 5 seconds you end up watching all of it…


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Sometimes I feel like Santa is a government employee…!!!!

Dear Santa,

My list is same as every year.
Still waiting for the real light at the end of the tunnel and not the headlights from an incoming train.



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They said,


Life is Hunger Games


Things gone wrong have names

What you can’t fix 

Is President Snow

Go with the flow

Pretend to be

The Mocking Jay

Pick your bow, arrow or gun

Now run

Hide and fight


Everything in your sight

Is a challenge

Pretend God

Is the Gamemaker

Believe that the odds 

are in your favor…

I whispered,

Even if i pretend 

Life is Hunger Games

And I’m Katniss Everdeen

I don’t remember

Raising my hand

To say ‘I volunteer’…

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