Dear stranger, I hope we meet again…

Have you ever had a day where everything is fine until your eyes fall on a face, you can’t stop looking at. You end up looking at a stranger you have never met before, or talked to before, yet for some unexplainable reason you are being attracted too. Not the romantic kind of attraction but a strange pull that you just can’t explain.

So you pretend to reply to a text, you pretend to check the menu card and you pretend to do whatever you were doing before the person showed up in your line of vision, but what you really are doing is stealing glances at that stranger. Because you just want to learn a thing or two about that person, talk to him/her, have a cup of coffee with him/her and maybe even be friends.

And then the person walks away, smiling and laughing at a joke shared with his/her friend, leaving you staring at your shoes because even after rocking back and forth on your feet you’re still standing there, having a mental conversation with a person you had never met before and probably won’t ever see again.

Have you ever had that kind of a day?

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