#Brexit first, then #Trump in the Whitehouse?

Sure, I’m not an American and not the best person to debate politics with but I do feel Donald Trump could be bad news. This post, by super awesome Acflory aka Meeka, puts the words jumping inside my head in a better way…

Meeka's Moving

meeka shockedAs an Australian, I’m not that concerned with Brexit and the economic upheaval it may cause. It won’t have a huge impact here so selfishly, I can afford to sit back and just watch history in the making. As a student of human nature, however, I’m worried by the implications. You see, half the shock generated by Brexit seems to be because most people did not believe it could happen. And then it did.

Since the results of the referendum were made public, the one question on most lips is ‘why?’ and the answer seems to be ‘dissatisfaction’. But dissatisfaction with what, exactly?

I’m wading out into uncharted waters here, but my personal opinion is that Brexit was a kind of protest vote about conditions [in GB] in general and the perceived inadequacies of the EU in particular. I think the tsunami of Refugees has also given rise to a…

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7 thoughts on “#Brexit first, then #Trump in the Whitehouse?

    • you understand the fabric of politics better Tom… i do rem you’re not an obama fan… politics is not my forte so i can only talk of the cream of it…deep inside its a whole different world which probably you understand better…

      • Don’t sell yourself short. It is more of an instinct thing as one can’t really tell fact from fiction in campaigns

      • Well put…fact from fiction…campaigns are powerful world…I only wish the next commander in chief proves to be a fine thing for the people there…this is where history is written…Brexit would not go away from the books now, no matter what…

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