About Me, Moi & Myself

Me: On the occasion of crossing the 1000th post benchmark and entering my 7th year of blogging I have decided to…
Voices in my head: Oh for the love of God be honest, you are bored. Admit it.
Me: (Throwing the speech away): Yeah! I am bored.

So, here it goes. I cross my heart and promise to say everything that will (probably) not make you want to be my friend or simply make you beg me to marry you/become your soul sister.

I’m still keeping my old ‘About Me’ post at the bottom just for sake of it. I mean it’s how it all started; my WordPress journey, my first post, words about me, my introduction. So let’s pretend to be nostalgic and emotional about it and leave the words down there.

Who am I?

Me: I’m…
Voices: Drop the act and say it. We know you are dying to say I’M “The Girl With The Music Tattoo”
Me: (Smiling sheepishly) Yeah! Wouldn’t that be a cool line but maybe I can start with ‘I’m The Alter Ego of Batman’?
Voices: You mean Bruce Wayne?
Me: No, no, the other alter ego the one from real life, not the one from books. I mean…Oh! You’ve ruined it. Buzzkill.
Voices: Whatever crazy eyes!

Who I really am?

Okay! So I’m someone you would love to be friends with in another life because in this one I have stopped making friends. No vacancy there. I have few crazy people (Who for someone reason have decided to stick around with a finger on EMERGENCY EXIT button); then I have my voices, my fictional characters, my obsessions, my eternal sadness, my blues, my writing, my imaginary world, my music player, my books, my tv serials, my darkness, my aloofness and my narcissism.

But I’m not all dark and twisty, there are some easy to deal things about me if you look beyond my blues, anxiety, hulk-mode and my fear of socializing beyond my known ones. Here are few facts about THE GIRL WITH THE MUSIC TATTOO (Yes! I’m grinning right now cause it sure is a dope opening line):


  •  A dog person who likes to scream I LOVE YOU to every dog I see while driving, because the emptiness left by my two puppies makes me want to hug every dog all over the globe.
  • A writer who eternally struggles with her decisions to kill a character she has fallen in love with. I write stories that are often for my eyes but this time I have written something that I wish to share with others.
  • A storyteller who sulks for days after she finishes her book.
  • A coffee person who blames Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail for her obsession with Starbucks.
  • A rom-com follower who has an insane obsession for re-watching Meg-Ryan movies.
  • A fangirl who thinks a Meg Ryan or Winona Ryder or Jodie Foster movie marathon is the way to make world a less painful place. My love for these ladies is eternal.
  • A TV show addict who gets anxiety attacks when you ask her to pick her favorite show because choosing one name out of Grey’s Anatomy, The Killing, Castle, The Fosters, Orphan Black, How To Get Away with A Murder, Glee, Gossip Girl, Dexter, Friends and The Modern Family would be a crime.
  • A music crazy who gets panicky when she accidentally leaves her home without her headphones because she needs access to her music people 24/7. And by music people she means Agnes Obel, Brandi Carlile, Avril Lavigne, Adele, Britney Spears, Digital Daggers, Lady Gaga, Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, David Garrett, Russian Red, Balmorhea, Gin Wigmore, Bach, Ben Howard, GLEE gang, FUN, Savage Garden and many many many more other bands/artists.
  • A reader who cried her eyes after finishing A Thousand Splendid Suns, Moon at Nine, Code Name Verity, Paths of Glory, Sarah’s Key and The Book Thief. Confession I’m a die hard Twilight books fan.
  • An 80’s born kid raised in 90’s with absolutely no love for LOL, ROFL, LAMAO and every other random alphabets that make English sound like a sad language. What happened to simple HAHA?
  • A movie-crier who might not cry every time Jack dies in the end but won’t stop tearing her heart out at the end of Hachiko, Courage Under Fire, The Danish Girl and Eight Below. Well I think I also cried after watching The Notebook, Carol, Little Man Tate and Camp X-ray. It’s a long list let’s not go there.
  • A poet whose muse is a sad girl who lives inside my head. I do not understand poetry yet I end up playing with words which either get uploaded here or on Instagram or just somewhere in a saved document inside the C drive of the laptop.

So, basically I’m just a delusional lover of fiction with addiction to a certain kind of sadness. Welcome to Little’s world and here is a musical treat for you:


For months i have been thinking about writing something on my ‘About’ page, but  wasn’t sure what to write. It’s funny, because i have written ‘About us’ page for so many websites yet i couldn’t find the right words to wrap them up and present as my introduction.

So i tried a simple way of making my introduction, i decided to look for words in my vocabulary which i wouldn’t mind when used for me. Such as, Awesome. Yeh, but i can’t just say am awesome cause that would make me self-centered (which am pretty sure I’m). So i would garnish Awesome with words like Twisted and Crazy.

Truth be told, am just an obsessive person who has imaginary friends, who likes the idea of being in love and getting married but denies it, who thinks a good movie is one that makes you want to live it, who can watch “You’ve got mail” and “Bolt” anytime, anywhere, who cannot go through her day without listening to “Someone like you” and “Can’t let go”, who believes Brandi Carlile and Avril Lavigne can save the day, who can’t do without black t-shirts in her pile of clothes, who is in love with Edward Cullen and not Robert Pattison (though he is super cute), who  can marry her room and spend the rest of her life in it, who likes reading thrillers but hates it when she can guess the climax beforehand, who thinks “being social” was chapter in her history book and she missed the class on the that day, who likes to talk to herself, who thinks “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, “The Book Thief” and “Paths of Glory” are books everyone should read and am just a person who can do great in vampire world, cause i can’t sleep on time…just can’t…!!!!!

P.S. i also think am a Super Hero…only i don’t know much about my powers. Trying to figure that one out..!!


71 thoughts on “About Me, Moi & Myself

  1. Little Miss Obsessive,
    I read your blog and found that you have a simple yet expressive style of writing. But at many points you just let loose the title of your creativity and also your blog does not depict the clarity of the message. I am impressed but not contended with what i have read. I will need more of your blogs to criticise and get the better side of you. Being a writer you should be careful that you link with the reader, i hope you will keep this point at high priority when you scribble next time.
    Good start, but i need a better one…

  2. Hi,just popping in to see what you have been up to?!…Jeez, love the way how you introduce yourself, fellow super hero..We’re on the same boat!!!…. 🙂 GBU

  3. I love your self-awareness. You make me want to rewrite my About, being a bit more honest, not that I lied, but it IS a little sanitized compared to my real personality. I’ll let you know if I decide to have another go at it (would like to know what you think, then)

    • thankyou… 😀
      To be honest it took me years to get out of my laziness and write down my About page…am happy you liked it…

      fact that you want me to give you my thoughts on your About page is really so nice….you are very kind.. 🙂

  4. Okay. Fine. I’ll say it. You are AWESOME! I don’t think there’s anything self-centered about saying that about oneself. We all have to know how great we are… if we don’t, I think there’s a big problem. Though it is nice to get reminders from the outside world on occasion. 🙂 I hear you on so much of what you said, about not knowing what to write in an “about” section. I struggled with that for two years and finally found some way to describe myself only recently. Black is my staple color. I could marry my bedroom once I get one…. and more.

    I think this is a lovely about section. Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad we could make a connection. 🙂

    • yay…you called me Awesome … 🙂
      it really makes me happy when people like my About page ..it took me so long to get out of my lazy chair and write one …maybe thats why 🙂
      we do have things in common…sometimes when i look at my clothes and think “i don’t have t-shirts to wear” i tell myself to just go and buy 3-4 black t-shirts… but if did that people who love me will disown me ..including my mother 😉 …
      am glad too.. so happy that we had a good start… welcome Ross 🙂

  5. Hey
    Well a very nice description… 🙂 Could relate in so many ways with you except for the singers and a crush on eddy.
    Looking forward to exploring more of your blog.. 🙂

  6. Hey there! I’m glad I found this blog! It’s unique in its own way and I’d be following it for more of the interesting stuff, hoping the same from you! 🙂


  7. Do you by any chance like watching animax?? Neways awesome intro! N totally agree on the avril n lady gaga part. N movies , I’d say I’d add mega mind to the list too!!! N I always wanted to be a superhero!. . Wanted to be the one who could read minds. . . But then again I figured it wouldnt be that cool , so maybe go with laser eyes!!

    • i do watch animax sometimes…
      am glad you liked the intro…makes me happy .. mega mind? havent seen it..should i download it? watsay?
      i dont know what kind of super hero i want to be…maybe Superman kind..he can fly, he doesnt get hurts except the kryptonite thing and he is a journalist when he isnt saving world…suits me 😉
      thankyou Namrats B and Namrata D..

      • OoO I love animax! N yeah definately download megamind!!! It’s a super awesome animated (super villain – turned – hero) movie! U’ll like it! N superman? he is like the most famous superhero of all!!. But changing into the costume will b bit of a problemo (plus we hav wayY more media coverage now) j/k 😛
        Wat about kitty from X-men?? Walkin thru walls and stuff. 😉

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  9. If you go through my About me I have started the same way. It is kind of weird especially when you look back at the millions of times you try to make an About Me nice to create an impression on people but you reach that point in your life where you wouldn’t care as much.

      • I’ve left all social networking. And people stare at me like I’m some alien when I tell them I don’t use them. Blogging is so much better I feel. I can’t do without either. And here you meet people from all walks of life and you never know who comes in handy when.

  10. I wish you love in 2013. May all your secret dreams leak out all around you and inundate you with joy, warmth, and even more love. You are an incredibly gifted writer, a cute young woman, and a sensitive soul. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives…remember that always.

  11. Hey, I came across your blog while searching, ‘meena kumari complex’. About many a things you say, i feel the same! You are cute 🙂

  12. Hachiko and A thousand Splendid suns made me to follow you. Intersecting interests of ours will make me read your other posts further. 😀 🙂
    Recently I finished ‘The Kite Runner’, and personally I found it better than Khaled’s second book.
    And yes of course, what a beautiful descriptive introduction. 🙂

  13. Hey!
    I wanted to reach out and first say thank you so much for following me and keeping up with my posts it means a ton to me! I also wanted to let you know in case you didnt see my recent post, but I am doing a mailing list for my first 5,000 followers and wanted to see if you wanted to be included. You would just have to emil me an address that you feel comfortable giving to me (completely confidential of course) and Ill be mailing out hand written letters and a thank you gift as well. Either way, thank you so much!
    Kourtney Benson

    • Hey, sorry Ive been away from WordPress and missed on few things. Just saw your msg. I’m honored, really, to be counted among your first 5000 followers… could I take a pass from the address thing, also I’m from India it wouldn’t help much with the mails. I’m pleased to be counted 🙂 thankyou so much…:)

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