Dear Yang Xiaoyun, Thankyou…!!!!

Dear Yang Xiaoyun,

A hearty thank you for saving all those dogs. You are what the world needs, a real hero.

I don’t want Yulin Meat Festival to stop because I’m a dog person, but because its way to insane and barbaric. When I read about the festival, it broke my heart but when I read about you I found hope. Hope for those scared animals sitting in those cages, waiting to be killed, cooked and eaten. I want to scream and shout at someone for the very existence of the event.

I know a lot of people must have told you what a good thing you do every year by saving dogs; I too want to say the same thing. But more than that I want to say THANK YOU on behalf of those who are angry, sad and shocked but have no idea what to do to make a difference. You are making a difference, you are saving doggies the best gift from God. Thank you for saving them.

Thank you for your will, courage, love, empathy and bravery.


A dog lover who is in pain.

Yang Xiaoyun is the real super hero!!!!!!!

Meet San Francisco and Arizona…!!






The 3 pictures above are of San Francisco…who comes to our door and starts all MEOW loud and high, till we give her milk…but she is too shy for anyone of us to stay around. We have to put the milk in the bowl and walk few feet back or go back inside, only then she comes out of the hiding place of her. Yes, she has a hiding place, the moment we get her the milk she runs behind a small water tank and keeps looking at us. We go and she come out for her food.

And down below is Arizona. She ain’t no scared or shy. She walks with us to her bowl, waits for her milk and then drinks all happy.



Some days I miss you more than others…!!!

Some days I miss you more than others and today is one such day because I can’t stop getting sad about losing Snowy. It’s like it happened today and my heart hurts so badly that I kept on saying ‘I want a dog’ again and again to my mother and I picked up a fight despite the fact that I know we can’t keep a dog right now. I was being stubborn because I was hurting, I still am.

All I want is to hug him once, just once, but I can’t do it not today, not ever. The pain came crawling to me when I parked my car outside this cafe to get me a cup of coffee; I saw this dog sleeping on the corner. I had a bread with me so I walked up to him and gave him the bread piece, he woke up and looked at me with those eyes…eyes that made me want to hug him, hug every dog in the world because I can’t hug  my Snowy. I walked back to my car and kept looking at him with tears in my eyes and he was looking at me (probably confused why I woke him, because I don’t think he even looked at the bread with his sleepy eyes). I was sitting in my car crying because suddenly I couldn’t stop missing Snowy, suddenly I realised I miss him and nothing in this world can bring him back, suddenly I realised no matter how much I beg  I can never see him again.

Somehow I feel no one can really get this emptiness; I mean my friends and family I know I lost something very dear but I don’t think they realise how a part of me grieves every second.

I feel tired now with the crying, worst once the tears came out rolling and i wiped them I realised I hadn’t washed my hand after eating the chilli pickle. Damn! My eyes.

I’m almost done with Sarah’s Keys and its very touching and gripping novel.

All those stories of holocaust and gassing chambers; we haven’t learnt anything. Did we? No. Because we still have religions fighting, we still have hatred; we still have countries despising their neighbors and people being enemy of each other.

Guess I’m too sad today.

Goodnight world!

Hello to Dear Diary…!!!!

Today i paid visit to an old friend, a friend i forgot, ignored and left alone because i was too busy. Today i said hello to “Dear Dairy” and scribbled random thoughts of my mind, nothing major but i wrote. I don’t know why  i was writing in a diary again, because i remember how i had decided to never write again because i was too busy, which of course was a lie, but wasn’t i clear about not writing again. I guess, you can’t really stay away from things you have been living with all your life.

Truth is i needed to talk things without being heard, i needed to share things without being worried about the replies and i needed to go back to one place i find no judgement.

So, I’m almost done with my packing washed my clothes today and my sneakers too. My mom left early and now i can’t help but look at a lonely sad puppy who is staring continuously at the door hoping mum will be back any moment, sometimes he looks back at me and i feel bad. Snowy is one hell of a mommy boy, because he can’t sit peacefully when my mother is not around.  On Tuesday we will leave him in the dog kennel for next 7-8 days and it kind of worries me, because he will not eat, he will get sad and he will get sick. Two reasons I’m not very excited about the trip, am worried about my cute little but old dog and also happiness scares the shit out of me.

Well, weekend is over and just two more days of office before i start my vacation. Am i happy? Don’t really know, but yes i do know few days out and away from Gotham city can be good. Not really thinking about fun and holiday.

Its midnight, my bed is a mess and it’s raining outside. I will say goodnight now, because i really got to sleep on time else i will be a misery tomorrow which of course is nothing new but hey it is important to keep up the appearances.