More from Dominique part 3 …..!!!!

As i drove away from the prison, all i could think of was Dominique. What happened Dom? What happened?  I asked. Seeing Dominique like this brought old dusty memories alive. I couldn’t help but think of the time when Dominique was trying to fix me.

“You know you think too much”

“What do you mean I think too much?” I asked

“Well for starters if you did something wrong, you had reasons. “She took a bite of her pizza “and now the guilt is making you do whatever he wants you to do.”

“No it’s not true” How could she know that I asked myself “it’s so not true”

“O it is. You did something wrong and so did he. Hey I did something” She paused for a second and I could see her clutching her slice too tightly “So you don’t kill yourself for that? Right?” She looked at me. The question felt more like it was meant for her and not me. Like she wanted my answer on it.

“No of course you don’t” I didn’t know why but I had to say this instantly.

“There you go. And you do not have to worry about getting drunk, just don’t do it when you are alone” she signalled the waitress to pour us some coffee

“You okay?” I asked

“Me? Yeah of course” she laughed it away “aren’t you forgetting something? I’m here trying to help you” Dominique knew how to keep her calm and act cold but somehow she always mystified me. Like she was in pain but she wouldn’t let anyone come close.

“You know Mike told me something about you having a rough time too” I wasn’t sure if I should have said

“Mike is a big brother he suffers from the tendency of worrying. Ignore him” she did not look up. What’s your story?  I asked myself silently.

The sudden honking of cars around me brought me back to present. Dominique came into my life when I was falling apart and she fixed me even when she was broken herself, not letting me see it. I had to do something but I had no idea what on this earth could I do to save the girl who saved me. I took out my phone and dialed a number

“Hey Hon” Howie’s voice brought tears to my eyes

“There is something I have to tell you” was all i could say

When Little did NOTHING….!!!!

Weekend came and went away like a wind, but it was so fun. I mean I did everything I wanted to, except the book shopping. What did I do? NOTHING. Yay! I did nothing for two whole days I did not do anything I didn’t wanted to do. It was like the most amazingly awesome days with me being the laziest soul on this planet. I didn’t even get out of my house to buy me some junk, I used my lovely sisterly puppy look and blackmailed my brother to get me ice-cream. See I was that lazy.

Doing nothing is so awesome, the feeling is priceless. I wrote Dominique, I read a book and I enjoyed the delicious cups of coffees made by truly yours i.e. Me. You should know that I have given up making coffee and I use my talent only when I really don’t have the energy to go out and spend money. But I would also like to tell you if you like Cappuccino, then you have to visit me once…just once.

Not many people (except 3 three people including me) knows this that I had this fantasy of growing up rich and having my own coffee shop. Big one. Yes, that’s the kind of teenager I was…dreaming weird was my speciality. I also thought I would be an astronaut, then I wanted to be a writer, then an actress (funny because I’m actually tiny, tiny like Aria tiny…but hey isn’t she an actress too), then I wanted to be a journalist, then a radio jockey and now I again want to be a writer. You know I think I’m a fun person, if you ignore these creepy ideas of mine. Plus I make best Cappuccino and equally amazing tomato cheese sandwiches.

Man I’m enjoying doing nothing, I’m even blogging about nothing in particular. I’m that much into NOTHING. Good thing this week has a one day off on Wednesday, so I’m not really troubled about Monday that much. I plan to restart my workout by Wednesday-Thursday.

Height of my laziness was that I was in my parent’s room all day, lying in front of TV and watching whatever was on. Mostly it was the Olympics. Why is this weird? I don’t watch TV and I don’t spend much time in my parent’s room.

I’m going to go back to Dominique now; I’m really getting the grip back on it. In fact last night when I turned off the lights and went to bed I got this another idea for another story, but I’m not touching it not unless I finish Dominique. While I might take eternity to finish my Harry Potter I do aim to finish Dominique by 2012. Yes for a change I have set a goal, a deadline. It’s not going to be easy though because I suffer from crazy mood swings which usually stop me from doing anything I like. But that’s the challenge; I have to complete Dominique no matter what. I’m not sure if I wish to publish it because if I do I will have to make certain changes in my original plot but that will make me sad. Let’s see.

Got to go now, have some pages to write before I drop dead till morning. Goodnight world..!!

Leaving you guys with a creative cover version. The guy has used no music instrument just voices made by him.

Sorry Edward, but i’ve got another Vampire now!!

Have you ever tried to read the hidden lines in a joke? Something which tells how a joke wasn’t just a joke, how it was just a bitter truth wrapped up in the layers of sweet chocolate and presented to serve both the parties. Words said but no harm done. Well I have, because it isn’t hard…not when the person trying to joke ends up failing to add enough sugar to it. Sarcasm and joke have a fine line but does being sarcastic also mean whatever said is meant. Really can’t explain why this is troubling me.

Well guess who is here? Weekend people …Weekend is here. I wish to work a little more on Dominique and maybe on another story of mine which has been just on hold. But I don’t know am just too lazy in weekends. I have two movies downloaded for the weekend; also I plan to spend time dancing on my bed when there is no one around.

No more Gotham city for two days. Hallelujah!

My obsession with Pretty Little Lairs is driving me insane because I can’t help but watch old episodes again and again just to find reasons to support my theory on Team A. I’m desperately waiting or September, because that when Greys Anatomy, Revenge and Dexter are coming back. I am desperate to know what happened to the Mercy west’s doctors, what will Debra Morgan do now with her own Brother being the bad guy. Is Victoria Grayson really dead? So many questions and almost 5-6 weeks to go.

So lately my obsession with Vampire Diaries is making me doubt my love for Twilight series.

Am i cheating on Twilight?

I feel bad for Robert Pattison, not only did cute but crazy K-Stew cheated on him I too have found someone else. Yes, it’s true my love for Edward has been jeopardized by the very awesome, hot and good looking Damon Salvatore. Man! He is amazing. Okay yes he is mean and a vampire version of Hulk, but he is good looking, has beautiful eyes, great smile, he is good looking and ofcourse he is good looking. Vampire Diaries has made me forget Twilight and I don’t know how it happened.


I mean i still love Edward and his unconditional loving character but Damon is better looking. Dammit! He is cryptic. I’m so torn apart.

I love you both!!!!

Okay! Tomorrow I need to shop for running shoes because I can’t really run every day in my canvas shoes. Ever since I have started playing everyday I have become lot better in handling my mood swings or rather controlling them enough to stop from turning into a green monster. I read once that exercise is a great way to fight stress and depression.

Running and exercising is good for a Super Hero

Got to go now because its party time…in my case time for a late night movie on my laptop.


No im not a vampire, its just friday night and i love Grey’s Anatomy…!!!!

Okay I know it’s so unlike me to update two posts in one night, but it’s Friday night and I just saw pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I couldn’t stop myself, I could either write it in my diary but like I posted few minutes ago I don’t do diary anymore or I could talk to my dog who is busy sleeping on my bed. So here I’m blogging again.

Well I was planning to make myself a cup of coffee and watch Winona movie but I just did something else entirely. Not only did I go for a cup of tea instead of coffee, I also went for an old episode instead of a movie. I thought why not watch Glee but while I was searching Glee I ended up clicking on some random episode of Grey’s Anatomy from season 8 and I was like “hmm lets watch Grey’s but something from another season”. And that’s how I ended up clicking on season 1 episode 1.

Man! I forgot how it all began. Derek was looking so young and hot and total McDreamy. Oh and I loved watching Izzie and George again. I just don’t get it why they had to leave, I mean why. I don’t have other episodes from season 1 but I wish to and plan to download them and rewatch all of them, just for the sake of it. I think the reason why I love GA is because it keeps me close to human emotions, thus keeping me on ground and feel life. And then of course there is the characters George, Derek, Callie, Robin, Christina,  Alex and everyone else. My favourite scene from the show “Your are my person” .

So I guess I should go now. Its 2:58 AM in my country, raining good outside and I have a Batman movie to go to tomorrow. Goodnight world!

Voices: Really? You freak me someetimes

Me: Guess what? the feeling is mutual

Voices: Hmm, you should not try mean. Doesn’t suits you.

Voices: oh i heard there is an opening in a secret Vampire club

Me (Grinning): I’m not a vampire, its just Friday night and i love Grey’s Anatomy

Voices: Sure, if you say so Freak

Me: I heard that

Voices: O00h i’m scared

Me: Rolling eyes

Super Man down….!!!!

Gravity is a mean little thing, never lets you stay up and high for long. In my case it didn’t even let me come down slowly, BAAM BOOM and I am on floor broken and in pieces. I don’t really know why some things are hurting me, I mean didn’t I knew it all along for years. Wasn’t it all a part of the domino effect?

Today everything is hurting me, fiction, faith, hope, Super Heroes, Santa Claus and everything that I used to hide my true self.  Even Dominique.

I’m tired, super sleep deprived and sort of wordless…excuse me please for not writing.




I have an episode to take care of…!!!!

There is this song in “Girl Interrupted” where Winona and Jolie sing and entertain one of the girls in the asylum. I love the song for some reason, so I often listen to it when I’m in “I’m hurt but what the heck I want to smile” mood.

I’m not big on old movies or old songs but I do like few songs that usually a friend won’t expect in my Blackberry. Let’s do it is one such song and I guess I wouldn’t have had copied in my phone if it wasn’t Midnight in Paris. I love Rasputin and few of the ABBA songs too. Being the kind of person I’m, most of the songs that I love have a reason or story to it and Dancing Queen is one such song. I seldom listen to rock bands or live stage concert songs; exception comes if I end up listening to them accidentally. I have a strange habit of searching for soundtracks I hear in shows I love; the song to which Revenge opened its pilot episode is one of my favourite songs. The song to which it closed its last episode of season 1 is a major part of my story Dominique, because of its dark and serious feel. Did I ever mention Dominique isn’t a usual love story? It’s kind of dark and yet all about unconditional love.

Since I’m totally distracted today because I have PLL’s episode 1 of brand new season waiting for me, I will leave you with one of its soundtrack which again plays a major part in helping me when I’m writing Dominique. Oh and it’s also one of my favorite song that I intend to kill like all the good songs I once loved. Maybe I won’t, there is a strange thing about dark and blue songs they never get faded and you never get bored of them.  By YOU I was trying to say ME but that would make ME sound creepy so I said YOU…see I’m smart.

Now off to Pretty Little Liars…oh I missed you Spencer and Hanna and Toby and Spencer’s mom (no I’m not that creepy I just like the strong mom character played by her…seriously?)


What falls but never breaks? A Super Hero..!!!!

There is a bad apple in my head and my voices are worried and so am i, so we decided to fix the break down. Right now i feel like a patient who has just regained consciousness, feels sick but better, but just doesn’t remember what happened.

Anyhow, good news after too much of ice cream, fiction and 30 minutes of loud songs by Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and other nice people in my phone, i feel like I’m coming back. Maybe. Good thing i’m out of money and so no more calorie stuffing. The only good thing that comes from a dark phase is that i take a walk to Dominique and end up working on a page or two. Someday i wish to post a page from Dominique.

There is one thing about me that no one knows, i like to play loud numbers and dance to them on my bed with no one watching. Here i said it. Please don’t leave me. I sort of do this thing when I’m alone at home. It’s fun. Since am trying to pick myself up, i thought ‘hey why not dance’. As you know I’m a crazy Lavigne fan and Gaga is my second favorite rock star, i ended up jumping dancing on my bed for over 30-40 minutes. Only witness to my self-revival is my Snowy, who is still under trauma. Poor baby, he was sitting on one corner of the bed and wondering

“what on earth is wrong with my mommy”. 😛

So, I’m being my own savior.

What can i say; I’m my favorite Super Hero…!!!!