Meet San Francisco and Arizona…!!






The 3 pictures above are of San Francisco…who comes to our door and starts all MEOW loud and high, till we give her milk…but she is too shy for anyone of us to stay around. We have to put the milk in the bowl and walk few feet back or go back inside, only then she comes out of the hiding place of her. Yes, she has a hiding place, the moment we get her the milk she runs behind a small water tank and keeps looking at us. We go and she come out for her food.

And down below is Arizona. She ain’t no scared or shy. She walks with us to her bowl, waits for her milk and then drinks all happy.



So, i have a cat named San Francisco…!

When i was this tiny little, very tiny, girl i had a cat. She wasnt like a regular pet, she used to come visit us every other day and a friend and i used to give her milk, play with her and then she used to walk away. She used to come whenever she was hungry. We named her “Dimple”. I dont know remember much about how we named her, who named her and what made her be friends with us. I was in 1st grade. Like 1991.

So, funny thing is, for past few weeks a cat has been visiting us almost daily. I dont know how it started but i think this cat was coming every other day and my mom (who doesn’t like cat much) left a bowl of milk for her outside. And now she is a regular visitor and we give her milk. She is super cute, tiny brown thing that i want to hug but she doesn’t let me get close.

I named her San Francisco. I dont know what’s weird the fact that i have a CAT or that i named her/him San Francisco.

Weird for its like Deja Vu…

It gets interesting because now there are two cats, San Francisco has a friend or a relative who also sometimes visits us for milk. I named that one Arizona.

I think i want to grow old as that lady who has lots of cats and dogs…

Today, i googled on a local animal shelter because i want to go do some donation…Man! i miss my love Snowy so much.

Leaving you guys with super duper cute Minions movie…love minions…