Versatile Blogger Award…!!!!

Sometimes i wonder about the singer behind a beautiful sad song…wondering if the heart and voice behind the song is sad too?

Anyhow, its Friday here and so i have something awesome to share. I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award by Make Somethings Monday.

She is talented, creative and totally knows how to make Mondays awesome. Thankyou Megan for the honor 🙂

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Add to award certificate on your blog.

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

3. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers with the award.

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


versatile-blogger-awardNow i wouldn’t be awarding nominees in any order and would like to dedicate and send it to each one of you.

Seven Things about me:

1 – My favorite fictional character has to be Kathleen Kelly.

2 – I truly believe i would cease to exist if somebody took away music from me.

3 – I want to learn “moon walk”, just cant get it right.

4 – Im very emotional about dogs. Seeing a sad dog or one in pain kills me.

5 – I call my day of freedom from blues as “Dawn”, which i would like to believe is not a myth.

6 – I think my mom is Awesome but i never tell her.

7 – I cant watch Eight Below, Hachiko, Courage Under Fire, The boy in the stripped pyjamas again…specially the first two movies. I love them, i just cant get to the end without crying.


Award nominations…!!!!

Past few weeks haven’t been easy on me and its now exact one month since Snowy left me which has totally broken me; only i know what his absence means because no one knows how i have been having dreams of him coming back. Woke up to one this morning, felt so real and crazy part it was like an inception kinda dream where i was dreaming withing the dream. Told you my mind has ability to watch all kinds of dreams, this is not the first time.

Okay! so i have missed on many blogs and then there are few award thank yous pending too which i will acknowledge today.

Thank you my friend Tazeinmirzasaad for not one but two award nominations. How cool is that?

The Versatile Blogger Award versatile


Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness  epicallyawesomeaward


Yes! both of these amazing award nominations for me. 🙂 Thankyou Tazein you have always been kind and inspiring.

Now im suppose to tell 7 things about me nominate 15 people…for my first award nomination. And tell 10 some awesome things while nominating 10 people for my next award. This is kind of tricky but i will try.

17 Facts –

1. I am writing two stories and wish to make movie on one.

2. I love anything with favorite pattern.

3. I hate to lose in chess but i have lost purposely twice.

4. I cant stand a crowded place, any crowded place.

5. I love books more than their movie versions.

6. I want my mom to try the omelet i make but she is vegetarian.

7. I am scared of sitting behind a two wheeler.

8. When i was in school, i had this habit of playing Britney Spears songs again and again using rewind and forward on my walkman, so i could write down exact lyrics.

9. I used to love making mix tapes when there was no internet, mp3 players and youtube.

10. I love looking at old pictures and reading old diary pages.

11. I love to buy plain black tshirts.

12. If i could, i would buy a pair of canvas in every color.

13. I sometimes like to close my eyes and picture a story in my head.

14. I am very curious when it comes to UFO and aliens and life on other planets.

15. I love to travel by bus and trains more than planes.

16. I like to keep the left side of my bed empty at night, because i like to tell myself Snowy would hate to see his corner of the bed ruffled.

17. If i could i would love to relive following years of my life 2001-2002, 2004- 2005, 2007-2010.

So now i would like to nominate all of you, everyone. Yay!



4days, 1book…Huh! i never thought one day i would call this a challenge…!!!!

I have a book “Promise Me” and four days to finish it, as the person who gave me the book has to return it to the library. So i will read tonight and thus i leave you with a song like always. See you all tomorrow, its my birthday i mean my blog’s birthday. We turn 3.

P.S I got nominated for A very inspiring blogger award by Tazeinmirzasaad. Will acknowledge it soon. 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination….!!!!

Blogging has becomes an eternal part of me, if I don’t blog I don’t feel good. It’s like there was something missing today. Something doesn’t feel good, maybe it’s because my blog has become what my diaries were once to me. I still have all my diaries and I love them, each one of them, even the ones that are so blue, so dark, and so miserably sad that I too find it difficult to believe I am the girl inside. And now I blog, each post, each poem, each comment and like makes me happy.

And the whole I love blogging becomes even more special when I get an award. This morning I’m busy being Batman in Gotham city when a red light beeps on my blackberry and I see an invisible “You’ve got mail” line… Expressionistaura just nominated me for a The Versatile Blogger Award.

She loves coffee, she loves writing and most importantly she loves writing on paper (me too me too), she is talented and she loves books too. She is so much like me. Just visit her once and you will love her.

Thank you so very much Expressionistaura, you are awesome.

I have to now nominate around 15 more bloggers and have to tell 7 things about me. Now, 7 things about me…

1-      I don’t do make-up not even a drop of it. I get up take a bath, wear my tees-Denims-shoes, fix my hair and I’m ready. Of course my mother doesn’t like it.

2-      I have weird phobias and one of them is about sitting behind someone on a bike. Can’t do that. So scared of sitting behind someone in a bike or scooter, even though I myself drive at crazy speed when on my scooter.

3-      I am bad with gadgets and modern video games. I come from Mario Brothers era.

4-      While watching Avengers I was busy praying to movie God to not kill Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulder). During first few minutes when she comes and the bad guy escapes and there is this chase, I’m like “please don’t die please please please”.

5-      Ever since I lost the chess thingy I’m scared of playing chess.

6-      While a lot many people think I wish to go Ireland or UK because of movies like Leap Year and PS I love you, it’s not true. It’s because of a book I once read (do not remember the story or the author or even the title…funny i know).

7-      I can’t share my bed with anyone. Of course this doesn’t apply to Snowy who is currently busy sleeping on one corner of my bed.

I would like to dedicate and nominate this blog to every person who follows me and the ones I follow. This is for all of you, because quite frankly you guys are awesome. Thanks to wordpress I have made so many friends, people who don’t know me but still care. Few of these bloggers have become a special part of my blogging. Thankyou!

Yay! i got a nomination…Wordpress makes me feel like a celebrity..whoo!!

The Versatile Blogger Award…!!!!

Few days back I was honored with an award nomination by Miss Sylvee, but because of the whole blue mood thing I couldn’t acknowledge the award. So here I’m with the awesome news of being awarded with The Versatile Blogger Award. Miss Sylvee is young, creative, talented and artistic. Also, she loves fashion and photography.  While she is not only good with her writing, she also draws amazingly well. Her blog is awesome and refreshing.

Miss Sylvee thank-you for the honor!

Now the rules – I have to say 7 things about me.

1 – I have a habit of kissing Snowy on his forehead and saying “I love you” to him. I do this a lot because I worry about him. He is one of the best things about my life.

2- After watching all the Harry Potter series, I’m now starting with the books.

3- I have never seen Snow and I can’t help but love hills, valleys, mountains.

4- I’m a very romantic person but I prefer to hide behind my mystery novels, thrillers and Avril Lavigne songs.

5- Weird but long time ago I wanted to grow up and be a house wife, because I used to envy life of my aunts who would watch TV all day and do nothing. I wanted to just get out of homework zone and be that women who had all day to her for TV. Weird considering that I’m not into marriage and I hardly watch TV now.

6-I can live without network in my phone but can’t live without music in it

7- I can’t watch Courage Under Fire and Eight Below again, despite the fact that they are amazing movies and one has Meg Ryan. I always end up in tears, which doesn’t happen much with other movies.

Now few amazing blogs that I’m going to nominate /

If you want introduction to some of the most awesome blog posts and bloggers, you got to check these awesome people.

I got an award


Versatile and Beautiful Blogger Award….!!!!!

Few days back I received nomination for Versatile-and-beautiful-blogger award by one of my WP friend But due to the kind of mood I was in I was delaying the acknowledgment of the award because that would be so wrong to say ‘YaY I got an award’ while I’m listening to Savage Garden’s Gunning Down Romance.

How Anxious’s blog is sort of like my blog…it reminds me of me I don’t know why, maybe because HA writes things happening in life, true feeling. I too write things happening to me, indirectly I project my mood to readers who don’t know me but love to send me hugs and smiles when I’m down.  HowAnxious is as awesome as me, believe me and I would like to thank my friend HA for giving me the nomination and for writing honest and true.

Okay rules, 7 things about me…

1 – I can’t swim

2 – I love to observe people when they think no one is watching them…this includes only my loved ones. I don’t stare at strangers because that would make me creepy.  😛

3 – I find Alice Cullen more pretty than Bella in Twilight movie

4- I once reached my college in 11 minutes which isn’t supposed to happen because my college is sort of far from my place. I remember some guy screaming at me because I think we were going to collide. I used to drive my scooter like crazy back then.

5 – I am desperate to win this years’ office chess tournament.

6- I don’t like to go to weddings

7- I love FRIENDS more than How I Met Your Mother. I can watch it again and again and laugh like crazy.

Now people to nominate

They are some of my favorite bloggers, seriously. Just visit them once and you would fall in love with them, like i’m. There should be an award where i can nominate everyone i know on WordPress, because they are all so bloody awesome.

A song i found on one of the blogs i follow WordPress. I think you might like it too.

The Beautiful Blogger…!!!!

Sweet Whitney Rains has once again honored me with another awesome nomination and i cant thank her enough. I have been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger and i think i’m smiling right now because being nominated is more special than winning. Nominations are nothing but love of fellow bloggers and that’s big.

Whitney Rains thank you so much for your love and kindness…how do i thank you for making my day again? 🙂 To all my wordpress friends, please check out Whitney’s amazing blog

She is creative, is working on a idea of a good book and loves Yoga.

Okay, rules are simple…share 7 things and nominate 7 bloggers (also let them know about the nomination)

I can do that…lets see.

7 new things about me –

1 – I want a tattoo and maybe someday  i will get one

2 – I’m a messy girl

3 – I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and Revenge

4 – I cry every time my Snowy is unwell

5 – I plan to join guitar classes and I’m already looking for them

6 – I think i can be an excellent cook if i want to

7 – I was a crazy Nancy Drew fan and there is a story behind “how Nancy Drew changed my life”

I think that wasn’t difficult… now nominating other bloggers.


My Little Ponderings


Blank Kanvas

All Those Little Things I Like

Pia Valentin Poetry

Tales of Twisted Fibers

I like Photo Blog

These are 8 of the few (out of the many) amazing bloggers i know…i added 8 because, today only, i found blog number 8 and it is beautiful so i thought break the rules make it 8.

The Kreative Blogger Award

So i woke up with my eyes half closed, i looked at the watch and wondered how many more minutes of sleep i have with me. Snowy was getting annoyed with me for being so lazy and not taking him out. I checked my phone for quick update as i took his leash in my hand (sign for him that we are going now) and with my eyes half closed i saw something amazing…I was nominated for another award.

Yep! My closed opened up immediately. Ladies and Gentlemen, very sweet and lovely Currie Ross has graciously nominated me with The Kreative Blogger award. How cool is that?

So, there are rules to be followed but before that

Currie Ross thank you so much for making me smile. You are so awesome. Yay! You made me  part of your Own Person Award Show…Thankyou for the honors. Friends please visit Currie Ross, she is truly amazing. And congratulations for all the nominations you got, you truly deserve them all.

Time for rules

  • Thank the blogger who gave me the award and provide a link.
  • List 7 interesting things about myself that my readers might find interesting.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links and let them know.

Okay! Here are 7 things which i think i haven’t talked about.

1)      I have never been to Starbucks and i believe someday i will

2)      I want to play Blackjack in a real casino, someday

3)      I like Dirty Dancing 2 more than the first one, because of the cute chemistry between the lead characters. And of course the guy is too cute

4)      I want to runaway to Ireland and there is a reason, but it’s not the picturesque beauty of the country

5)      I love love Meg Ryan movies but there is one particular movie i can’t watch again, i watched it accidentally

6)      I want to have a photo blog too but don’t have time

7)      I envy people who can sing or play musical instruments

So, i nominate following super bloggers:

Sweet Mother Lover

Pia Valentin Poetry

Never Contrary


All Those Little Things I Like

Squirrel Circus

Love Letters Are Dying

Reasonably Ludicrous

These are some of the incredible bloggers i follow online, they are too good all of them.  If you are reading my post right now (hope you are), please do check them out. I wish i could nominate more, i feel guilty for not mentioning some really good bloggers in my “Blogs i follow” list.

Wow! what a morning. I mean i still haven’t recovered from my previous Nomination and here i got another one.

Thankful & Happy!

I know its just a nomination, but after getting two of them that’s how i feel right now… !!

The Sunshine Award…!!!

Something very awesome happened last night, I found an orange update beeping on my blog dashboard. It was a message by the very awesome and lovely Pia Valentin Poetry. She nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

Before I present the rules I would like to say special thanks to Pia. She is fellow gleek and I love her poetry and would ask everyone to visit her.

Okay, so the rules for Sunshine Award say:

• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
• Answer 10 questions about yourself.
• Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Here is the logo-

I can’t believe i’m allowed to be nominated… tears.

And now the questions

1. Favorite color? This is a tricky one but I would say Black because I can wear black any day, all day and anywhere.

2. Favorite animal? My lazy little dog Snowy. He is love of my life and I love the fact that he takes me for granted.

3. Favorite number? 2 and 5. Don’t know why but 2 and 5 have always been my selection

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee… there is no other answer to it.

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? I don’t like them both. I don’t have a Twitter account but I do hold a place in Facebook world. But I don’t really visit my profile much. I’m on Facebook only because of purpose of staying in touch with few friends.

6. My passion? I love writing, I love to read, I love to listen to music all day long, I love to watch movies and I love to love people I love…

7. Prefer getting or giving presents? I love giving presents… the whole search for the right gift and the happy look on other person’s face…Priceless

8. Favorite pattern? I don’t have one. It depends upon the thing.

9. Favorite day of the week? Saturday…because it comes after a long never ending super slow Friday and comes before the super speedy Sunday that ends quickly and is nothing, but a door to Stupid Monday.

10. Favorite flower? Zebras have always been my favorite because they were the first flowers i ever got.


And now time to nominate some amazing bloggers for the Sunshine Award

Sweet Mother


Tales of Twisted Fibers

Poetry Of A Mad Man

Rumpy Dog

Never Contrary

I Got A Story Like That

Girl On The Contrary

Mullings Of Mind Trap

Married With Opera

Hungry Heart Thirsty Mind

Love Letters Are Dying

Caffeinated & Random

If you are reading this post right now…please do do check these bloggers mentioned above. They give you poetry, art, inspirational stories, posts that will makes you laugh, creativity, real stories of their daily life and experience and so much more.