Some days, she forgets the invisible shiny chains..

She jumped

She ran

Fell & bumped

Into despair

It’s not you

She brushed 

The bruised

& bandaged soul

There is no wind today

Tomorrow will try again

In her stubbornness to fly

She forgot

The shackles making her stay…

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Little broke into a million pieces and no one saw…!!!!

Last two days were so heavy. I kind of had a breakdown. I broke into million pieces but now im okay. Found my pieces and am trying my best to fix them.

My car got banged again and this time it will cost me more. In two years my car has gone to repair shop four times. This is crazy but im so glad no one got hurt. My brother was driving and some guy in scooter came from behind and bang. Fortunately my brother and the people on the scooter are all fine.

I need to go because i can hardly keep my eyes open.

Goodnight world!

its almost 3 am and im not sleepy…!!!!

Not the kind of a day I was looking forward to after last night’s breakdown.
So many things happened today. Weirdest day, one of the weirdest one I must say.

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