The Green Batman…!!!!

Just a busy week or should i say busy month…whatever it is, bloody ruining my awesomeness. Right now i would just love to get up, quit and walk away. But then its not me, its the anger that’s doing the talking.

Yep! Angry that’s what im.

Am suppose to work right now but m blogging because im angry and i don’t care about Gotham’s rules, at least not right now. Cause right now am more of Hulk than Batman, so i don’t care or want to care.

Superheroes don’t get vacation, they get battles & secrets.

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One of those days, when Joker makes Batman sweat…!!!!



Super duper busy week…Gotham is killing me. If i survived by Friday, i shall party hard. So for now, here’s an awesome cover song by Lindesy Stirling my current favorite artist.


My headphones died on me…On a MONDAY…!!!! :(

So this is it. All my favourite shows are now on their seasonal break which means no Greys Anatomy, no Glee, no Revenge, no Castle and no Vampire Diaries for next few months. Am i sad? Maybe, a little. Am i okay? Very much..verry very much. Why? Because now i have got time to focus on reading and writing.

I have been spending so much time watching fictional characters im in love with that i have stopped reading and i dont remember when was the last time to i wrote my character. So this is my time to go back to my reading and writing. Though Dexter and PLL are coming back but i can manage one episode a week than whole week of Tv shows.

So how was Monday?

I dont know, i was lost after my headphones died and i had to go through the whole day without a song.

There is a girl next to me at work she was more worried than me, because she knows how glued im to my headphones…in fact it was her who made me notice last week how i went through a whole day without my headphones. That’s when i realised man it was a busy week.

Plus its 43-44 some degrees here and i think i should officially apologies to the weather God for saying i hate winters…for surely i can take winters.i love winters. i want winters. how i miss them. Bloody summer is killing my brain cells and its just the beginning.