Falling out of the lies and into the love…!!!!

To her it was just another night

For her it was all part of her fight

She walked with grace

Hiding behind the veil and a pretentious face

Smiling elegantly she greeted around

To the luxury and power she was bound

But her heart cared less

To her it was a matter of lies and ignorance

In a crowd of liars far better than her

Of souls more ignorant that her

She looked for none & cared for none

And then her eyes fell upon

A face wearing innocence

Smile biggest of all

A soul who must have crawl

Inside from another world

A scene so ghastly for the residents

Of pride and prudence

The creature of happiness

Was clearly lost in to brightness

Of rich and royals

While dressed in simple and subtle

The uninvited guest was enjoying

The surprised and prying

Of one and all

She had forgotten where she stood

Lost her glory and hood

Taking steps towards the eyes

She was caught in by

She moved out of her own will

While the world stood still

Who are you? She heard herself whisper

Taking the hands of the stranger

She stepped out of the grip

Of the faces she wore

All she wanted was to strip

Out of the fake extravagance

Clinging to her tightly

Before this moment nothing made sense

She could feel hundred of eyes boring on her back

As she threw the veil

With every strength and lots of struggle

But the beautiful eyes staring at her

Were too magnetic for her to care

Of those she didn’t belong to

Her stare was fixed on the smile

Throwing away the shoes

She was ready to walk for miles

With someone who had a beating heart

Unlike those cold one who lived on wealth

She wanted more, so more

For the first time she swore

She felt like she was alive and awake

It didn’t matter what was on stake

She was no longer able to care

For those staring from left right & above

For she had fallen hard

Out of the lies and into the love…!!!!