Dear Universe, I want an iPod so kindly break my mp3player, not my phone…

So funny story, after banging my car, dropping mug filled with hot coffee on my laptop i today broke my Nokia 520… Up top?

I guess, im a sad girl with funny stories.

Here i was dreaming of buying me an iPod. For some reason when i dropped my precious little phone and broke the screen, i did not even panic which i usually do. No big NO NO NO NO or OMG OMG OMG. I was like ‘Oh okay’.

I just am the clumsiest girl on the planet. I accept it. I do.

More from Dominique part 2 …..!!!!

That night I lay awake looking at the ceiling, thinking of the day I first met Dominique or to be correct, the day she saved my life. Seeing Dominique on news as a murderer made me shiver. She couldn’t do it? Could she? I had no idea why but I wanted to talk to her once. I looked at Howie’s calm face as he slept next to me.  We would have never met if it wasn’t for Dominique I whispered to him. With memory of the day I met her, I closed my eyes.

Next morning I woke up before my usual time and waited for Howie to have his breakfast and leave for work. I was nervous and anxiety could be seen on my face. Fortunately, Howie had a big day at work and was all occupied with his notes to take much notice of my clumsiness, when I spilled his juice and burned his toast. I waited for good one hour after he left. I debated with myself if what I was going to do was right; I mean it been a year now. But I also knew I had to do it or I would keep thinking. So I took my keys and drove towards state prison to meet Dominique. My palms were sweating as I parked in front of the huge prison building. What are you thinking? Go back now I told myself. With one deep breath I walked out of my car and in the building.

I sat in a big open hall kind of room where visitors could meet prisoners with their hands cuffed. The orange jumpsuit wasn’t a pretty scene considering the fact that this was a women prison and some of these convicts were pretty looking females. I waited for 10 minutes before I saw her coming towards me. I looked at her face to catch a glimpse of recognition or anything that would give me a hint that she remembered me. But there was nothing. Dominique sat in front of me looking just the way she did when I met her.

“You are alive” she smiled at me. She remembered, I wanted to jump.

“Nice to see you too, Dominique”

“So am I a celebrity now? With all the TV guys covering me?” she continued “how else would you know I was here”

“Why are you here?” there was concern in my voice I couldn’t hide

“I don’t know, because I killed some guys” she said softly. Fact that she didn’t deny the charges on her worried me. Shit! She did it was all I could think of. She read the look on my face and smiled at me.

“I’m not a bad person.”

“You killed 5 men Dom? What happened?” I asked

“Long story. How’s Howard?”

“He is good. We got married” I showed my ring “I could have invited you but you weren’t around” I couldn’t hide my anger for her not being around.

“I know I had to leave. I had too” she looked straight at me. “I would have said that you shouldn’t have come, but am glad you did.” She looked happy to see me


“I just wanted to see someone before I start living here” she looked around as if wondering what she was doing at the other end of the table. “Abbey I didn’t found her”

“Dom, let go please.” I knew my words were useless. She didn’t say anything but smiled at me.

“Do you have a lawyer?” I asked

“Some guy from the state is representing me”

“Is he good?” I knew the question was stupid

“I think he is, but poor guy has nothing to help me with” she laughed. She looked pale; her short black hair looked perfect even in a place like this. What happened to you? Was all I kept on asking silently? My train of thoughts were broken by the guard who reminded visitors that visiting time was up.

“I have to go” I said

“Well for a change this time I won’t be going anywhere” she stood up

“Dom please take care of you. And I will visit again” I was afraid that if I let go of her she might get lost in the world behind the walls. The dark shady world I have only heard about in movies.

“Thank you for coming Abbey” she turned around but stopped

“Hey Abbey I need you to call Mike and Annie. They must have seen the news too. Just tell them am okay” with that she walked away.