It was a super sonic Weekend, came and left so quickly…!!!!

Where did the weekend go? I mean WHOOSh it came and vanished. Monday is back and  i wish i could get just one more day off. I can’t believe its Gotham day tomorrow.

Anyhow, ‘We are the Millers’ is a fun movie. So funny. The whole theater was laughing like crazy. If you are a Jennifer Aniston fan then i guess you should watch this movie and if you are not you still got to watch this one. I really don’t enjoy movies with so much of swearing and bad words for it ruins the whole thing for me, maybe that’s why i didn’t like Hangover that much and part 2 was unbearable and i didn’t dare watch part 3. Millers has lots of swearing but movie is well made, way too much better than highly irritating (according to me) Hangover.

Tonight i start with Khaled Hosseini’s ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ finally. I like this author and his first book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ is my all time favorite. It’s so good that its one book i suggest everyone.

Hoping Monday would be kind to all of us.

Goodnight World!

And so it continues from day to night, dusk to dawn….!!!!

Everyday while staring at my computer trying to make sense of things, i promise myself i would sleep early tonight. I swear no more episodes and only bed time reading. I promise i wont sit in front of Youtube and do nothing but click Play. I promise i would write a page or two of Jane Doe and review. I promise i would wake up and play or workout.

Every night as i sit gloomy and tired in my bed staring at my laptop wondering why i feel what i feel, i play episodes after episodes to drown myself into another life. I dive into world of Youtube to find songs and videos to keep my mind away. I look at the blank word document wondering what on earth could i write or review when i cant feel the story. I beg myself to not wake up early for i don’t care if i get fat or whatever.

And so it continues from day to night, dusk to dawn….!!!!

Happy Birthday Gotham City…!!!!

Today we celebrated 11 years of my office, it was a total fun day. Everyone was busy decorating office, discussing the office games and ignoring their desktop. I can’t say i had all the fun, because it was a tough day for me but yes i liked to be a part of the celebration. Irrespective of what i call it, i like my office for what it has given me professionally and personally. There was a time i couldn’t wait for Mondays, because it meant going back to work.

Tomorrow we have another celebration party, but like i said before Super Heroes don’t party. I am going to celebrate my weekend going theater to watch a movie, shop maybe, read maybe and give all my attention to my bed and my room, while watching Vampire Diaries. I have totally become hooked to Vampire Diaries. And i thought there was only one good-looking vampire…Sorry Edward. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are like so cute, both of them.

I was in school (9th grade) when once something happened between my friends and me, i don’t know why but i keep going back to that memory again and again. It’s not the first time that this particular memory has come to visit me, but its like it has decided to stay for some time.

Dear Director, thankyou for making me worry about planes and dogs…!!!!

Here is the thing, I’m sort of in a weird state of mind and the best way to explain it is that I’m busy deciding between door A and door B. Can’t really explain it much, but I do know that I have to choose and choose fast.
Anyhow, so I’m all messed up and need something nice. I’m thinking why not watch a movie, I search for a movie I downloaded few weeks back and I click on “Play”. Well just when you need a good movie, you end up finding a piece of crap in your laptop.

Me: oh no no…What kind of movie is this?
Voices: You know we take our words back…next time you can watch Meg Ryan or Winnona’s movies. We won’t say “Again”
Me (angry): Thanks, now you are saying this.

Well, first of all I love creepy horror movies and I don’t even mind zombie movies, but this one was all about plane crash and wolf hunting survivors. First thing i have a flight in few days, thank you for scaring me and second, ewe too much of gross scenes with wolves tearing apart people and people killing wolves. It felt like I was watching Air Crash Investigation and Animal Hunting show on National Geographic and Animal Planet, together in one screen. Honestly, I was glad when my phone rang and my friend asked me if I was free. I don’t know why I didn’t think of turning it off before.
This is not what you need, when you are sitting on pile of unhappy thoughts, when you have a plan to catch in coming week and when you have a dog you love so much.

I have already seen too many Air Crash Investigation episodes on Nat Geo to know endless possibilities that could happen, when I’m up in air. Suddenly I’m Meg Ryan from French Kiss, only I am not scared of flying just sort of worried.

I wanted to work on Dominique today, but I didn’t because a part of me is pulling me away from the lies I live but at the same time the other part of me wants to smile and do things I love. Its like am stuck in a tug of war between left and right.  If I go with left I will never be able to write another poem, another happy post, another story, but if I go with right I will lose a lot. It’s a fecking mess and being a Super Hero I have no option but to fight, because Super Hero might fall but it never dies.

Voices: See Super Heroes don’t die, don’t worry about the plane and it was a stupid movie anyway.
Me (Silence):

Well, I have downloaded a new episode of a show “Baby Daddy”; will watch it and then I will go back to some good old classic movies.

P.S Meg Ryan is Awesome….!!

I cant read P.S I Love You…!!!!

There is a reason why i can’t read P.S I Love You and it’s not because I’m too emotional and would end-up crying liters of tears. Also i can’t read Harry Potter. I’m so glad i read Twilight before the Hollywood guys decided to create a movie on it or else I would have never been able to read the book and would have missed on the real chemistry, which i can’t really find in the movie. You can’t even compare Twilight the book to Twilight the movie…no way.

Okay, before i really tell you why i can’t read PS I Love You or any of the Harry Potter books, i must tell you something about me. I am someone who grew reading Nancy Drew, so much of NDs that i started judging and comparing story as well as characters of everything that i read or viewed. For example, even now when i watch Revenge or Pretty Little Liars i spend a lot of time evaluating the whole episode to figure out the plot. Bottom line, i read between the lines and make a picture of things in my mind taking it as it’s given to me, anything changed or modified kills the scene i have on my mind. It’s like if i read that Humpty Dumpty sat on wall and few years later you tell me that there was no wall and he was a 6 foot tall guy who rode a horse…believe me it will kill the original Humpty Dumpty i grew up with. I won’t be able to like the original as well as the new modern 21st century Humpty Dumpty…why? Because i had a picture of him and you just drove a bloody bulldozer over it, then played some football with the debris and finally threw it all in the big blue sea. Now, even if want to i can’t find the original picture i had in my mind because its gone.

I know crazy but with me you can get crazy…remember I’m the queen of T – wisted. In the above paragraph, i truly sounded like Sheldon Cooper..crap.

So, now coming back to PS I Love You…last year i met this guy who gave me PS I Love You, because he knew i loved the movie and he thought i would love the book too. It was very sweet of him only problem i didn’t knew the exact level of my craziness then. So i start reading and i realize there was something wrong. I just couldn’t put my finger on it until i finished the first chapter. I was like “WHOA! No this cant be”. “No no no”…knowing what was coming i had to stop myself from reading further.

See when i first watched the movie i totally fell in love with it, i fell in love with Gerald Butler, i fell in love with Ireland, i fell in love with music, i fell in love with every damn thing in the movie. I may, or may not, have cried (would not tell the truth). So, i happily start reading the book only to realize that the difference in story was right there in the first chapter and i could no longer read it. Now chances are that it was just nothing…that probably just one or two tiny difference was all there. But, i couldn’t afford to read it and end up disliking the change and thus killing the original picture inside my head. So i couldn’t, even now i have the book but i can’t read it.

This is the reason why i can’t read Harry Potter or any of Da Vinci’s book (the ones on which the movies had been made) because i have habit of comparing. “Hey they did not have this in the movie” “what? There was no such guy in the movie?” “O man the book said she had red hair”…Etc etc etc…!!

Yesterday or day before yesterday (can’t remember, after 9 hours of Gotham city i tend to forget things) i was reading one of the Rizzoli and Isles Series Thriller by Tess Gerristen and i realized that i have already seen this particular story on TV (Yeah there is a show on Rizzoli and Isles Series with same name). I was like why why why…see now am not kidding when i say i compare. In the book Rizzoli hates when people compare her to her brother and she is short and most of the time she is struggling to prove her place in a police department full of guys, while in the TV show Rizzoli is a tall super smart detective who just adores her brother. Difference, major difference, makes me wonder what the real story is. The episode killed my book, which is lying there untouched after 30-35 pages and the episode also killed the original Rizzoli presentation of book by showing her too strong and too tall.

Am so glad i read Twilight first or else i would have just watched Edward on screen and missed the scene in the book where he is driving angry and jealous and she is trying to calm him down..that scene had such powerful emotions and awesome dialogues in the book, the movie couldn’t even capture 1% of it.

Now you know why i can’t read PS I Love You…comparison will totally kill my first impression of Gerry and Holly’s life…!!

Laziness? Present miss…laughter? laughter? LAUGHTER?

You know how some writers are funny and have an awesome sense of humor, i wish i was one of them. I always admire them. I wish i could be funny, because to make someone laugh is a big thing. Its not that i don’t have the funny bone in me, it’s just that i happened to have fallen so  hard that i think i broke it.

Let me tell you a secret, i have grown up with four different future plans at different phases of my life. After Plan A,B,C & D falling out, i’m now with plan E…which is of course just never going to come true. Plan A (when i was a young girl) was to become a comedian when i grow up. Yes, its true. I wanted to become a stand-up comedian and this was my aim since i was in 6th grade. I don’t know why i wanted to be a comedian, but i always liked it when i used to see someone laugh because i just said something which was funny.

Yes, i was once a funny person and a lot of people used to give me that “you are funny” line in their own words. I was dead serious about it even though i knew i was not funny enough and it was just my ability to talk non-stop. I was stupid but chirpy and that was the reason that despite being not smart i was still accepted by smarter and brilliant people. I’m not trying to sell myself as some awesome girl…no, i’m not. Reason i’m talking about it because now i find myself struggling with words when im around people. Leave alone the funny words, i cant even talk general.

Most of the time i prefer the other person to do all the talking and i am happy to be the silent listener who enjoys nodding…talk all you want. My inability to form words, sentences and answer basic questions like “how is life going?”, “what’s new?” and many more such very normal day-to-day questions make me want to avoid people and conversations. What happened to that over confident crazy school girl who thought she could make anyone laugh. Even when i moved on to plan B, C and D, i still lived with a self-created “I am funny” talent.

I remember when we had our fresher’s party in college and i did mimicry gig. I did not get any prize but next day 2-3 seniors came to our class, told me that they loved my gig and but had no extra prize to give away so they have bought a complimentary gift today, and handed me a small prize thingy.  I will never ever forget that day.

I have grown up with weird plans in life. Here is the list

Plan A – to be a stand-up comedian

Plan B– to be a detective

Plan C – to be an astronaut

Plan D – to be a photographer

O yes, believe me i was dead serious about all these plans. Although i never did a thing to act on them, i was just a teenager with crazy imaginations. I once crossed an office of some security & detective agency and i was like “i think i should go and talk to them and ask questions about being a detective”. I’m glad i didn’t. I will tell you one thing though i still plan to learn photography and its in my bucket list. Even if its just for fun sake.

Currently my life is revolving around Plan E (to write a book)…which can be best described as a plane that crash landed right into trees and there is no hope of it flying again. Nevertheless, as long as i have the fuel i can try…cant i?

All these plans are like school kids who still come alive sometimes, have a reunion in my mind except the comic part. Laughter is a stupid kid who refuses to visit me anymore.

Avengers Suit Up…Hulk SMAASSHH!!!

I never thought i would like a Scarlet Johansson movie so much, also this is by far the most awesome Super Hero movie i have seen.

My fixation for Super Heroes is due to my personal issues, i think my need to compare myself to super heroes is some kind of weird defence mechanism. Anyhow, it was a nice day today. Just what i needed, before i jump back into the everyday work routine.

Last night i booked 2 tickets for Avengers 3D , 1pm. It was 1145 when my friend called me to wake me up and remind me that i have to pick her up. I get up, walk around with my eyes half closed for next 15 minutes. Get inside the bathroom at 12. I reached her place at 1245. Good thing we made it to the theater right at time and didn’t miss the start like always.

Next few hours were spent laughing and enjoying every second of it. Seeing Robin Scherbatsky (Colbie Smulders) in the movie was a surprise. I love Robin, i think she and Barney are the only two people still keeping the wrecked ship of How I Met Your Mother floating.  Also, i think Scarlet was really good and for a change i was like Go Scar. While Captain America (Chris Evans) was just handsome as ever, i think i couldn’t take my eyes off Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and Hulk (Mark Raffalo). The rich genius billionaire and angry green scientist stole the show, at least for me.

For people who think Super Hero movie is just too unreal for them, i would still suggest this one. Because A the graphics are wow and B the dialogues are hilarious. I wanted the movie to continue forever, i didn’t want it to end…at the end i was like “O Man!”

Then we went to one of my favorite coffee shop in a place i haven’t been for long time now, a place i have fond memories of…specially the last visit. Spending too much for a cup of coffee is not my style but today i just wanted to go somewhere old, somewhere i haven’t been to for long, somewhere that would take me to old days.

A funny thing happened during the movie, the reality of life kept on nagging me all throughout the movie. I was enjoying but i was also aware of something. I wish i could tell my friend what was troubling me. I wish i could tell someone, anyone.

Never mind, i think the day was spent well and i think I’m ready for next 5 days of office blues.