Being a Super Hero is exhausting…!!!!

Somethings you can’t go back to…a line from a song I heard. How true is this? So true. There are so many things I wish to relive again but can’t, because we have found a way to send a robot to another planet but we are yet to discover time-travelling science.
It was one of the hardest, most tiring and exhausting week ever. Worst was the friday. Today I think I had it, at one point I thought I was going to have a breakdown. Truth is I like it when I have a busy day or week, because it makes everything go by so quickly and I have less time to think. But it also means I end up pushing my mind and heart beyond their working limit. Result, I end up physically and emotionally drained which can be seen in my transition from Batman to Hulk. How I wish I could go back to the girl who never had a temper.

There are so many phases in my life I wish I could revisit. Pattern of my life has been simple, after a horrible 9th grade I found best years with 10th, 11th and 12th. After a lonely first year of graduation I found awesome 2nd and 3rd year. After a dark one year of diploma I found four amazing year of my first job. But now, the pattern won’t repeat its been a year of changes with everything so hard, yet I see no daylight or dawn. Dammit! I think its all because of global warming. Well I needed something or someone to blame. 😛

For past few days we have been taking snowy for daily vaccination. Poor baby had two injections everyday which is too much for him. He has been too restless because of it. Seeing him ill is always hard on me. Sends me back to that operation day.

Only good thing about today, I got my license slip which means in a weeks time I’m going to have my license again. I lost mine when I lost my wallet.

Today I’m sort of missing the Kashmir trip. When I was there, for some reason, I felt protected and less scared which is ironical considering the fact its not a safe city. Maybe because I was thousands of kilometers away from my daily life. Today I wanted to be somewhere far again.

I wish I could take a train to Delhi or a plane to Hyderabad, but I can’t.

Today, this guy gave me a link to a job vacancy for deputy manager content writer in some big firm. Weird because we aren’t friends and don’t even belong to same team. This left me wondering if he is the guy. I know there is a guy with crush on me at my workplace but I don’t know who. Strange, everytime I find out someone is crushing on me I feel bad for the poor guy.

I haven’t written a thing for Dominique for past few days and I am running out of time to prepare my assignments. But I just don’t get the time and energy. I think I have to manage a weekend with my attention to the assignment or I will spend rest of my life feeling guilty, of wasting money on admission.

The change in internet provider has left me without any internet access. Stupid company. Can’t download a thing.

Tomorrow my badminton friend wants me to meet her boyfriend. She wants us to bond. Problem is I find it awkward to make friends with anyone. But I will go, smile, have the coffee and try to have a good time. Also finally I get to chop off my hair. Haircut day…yay!

Time to go now, apologies for not visiting other blogs, will come to your blog asap just waiting for access to internet. Its not easy to surf other sites via Blackberry.

Song for today- I wanted to say Brown Eyes by Gaga but I think I have posted that one so, maybe Glee version of Turning Table by Adele.

Goodnight World!