Dear Martians, Run Now…!!!!!

So we found water or at least some kind of solid proof of it presence on Mars. You know the 17 years old me, back in time, would have jumped and danced and even cried with happiness, but the 2015 me is just so worried about the repercussion of it.

What? What? What?

Well, finding water is really cool and awesome but we are “HUMANS” we believe in causing pain, destruction and every possible type of atrocities to those who wish to live in peace. We found water now we would move mountains to find life and then we would land there and effinly rule like we are ruling the sad little earth.

Step 1: Find Life

Step 2: Smile & Shake Hands

Step 3: Click a Dozen Selfies

Step 4: Punch in Face

Step 5: Ban Local Music, Religion, Culture and Put “We Mean No Harm” signs along with…

“Martians with brown or black color report to left, LGBT Martians apply to right, those belonging to following religions as listed below must restrict to certain rules and remember to smile and say WORLD PEACE for our media camera. “

When I read about a 16 year old girl being stabbed in a Pride Parade, I literally felt tears threatening me on a busy work day. All she did was be part of a peaceful pride parade celebrating the equality rights and one lunatic just walks in attacks innocent people. Shira Banki, who had all her life in front of her, lost her life because among us are people who refuse to understand that everyone deserves to live. I specially don’t get those who hurt others in name of religion because I ‘m pretty much sure God never created people for sake of hating and hurting.

3 years old Aylan, his brother and mom were not the only ones who died on that day or day before or day after. But he became the heart wrenching -rock solid proof of how war torn countries are tearing the basic fabric of humanity, causing pain by those throwing shells and mortars and by those who struggle to shelter the scared ones.

And today I read about a guy beaten to death in a small town for he was, according to rumors, having beef in a beef banned place. Well, so we the humans just killed him.

It never ends, the pain caused by us. It would never stop.

I just hope Martians would run away to another planet before we land, because we are incapable of harmony. Some of us at least are totally incapable of following ‘Live and Let Live’.

I have been so exhausted mentally lately that now everything gets on my nerves and I can’t seem to shake the stinging darkness of the world I’m living in. Sometimes I wonder if Happy Ending is really a thing, maybe it’s a myth.

Forgive me for I vent…

17 years old me: Dear God let there be life and water on Mars
30 Years old me: #LOL
Martians on Mars: BOP BEEP BOP BEEP BOP BOP BUPPP BOOOOPPPPP (Translation- Run effin Eartians found us. Dammit RUNNNNNN)


a creature of blues…!!!!

She was born to fly

But she can’t, no more

She don’t know why

Walking around

On the ground

Every day every second

She has forgotten how

She can’t be free now

Even if its dawn

Even if darkness is gone

She has walked for long

Doing it differently

Would feel so wrong

Sunshine would hurt

A story with no excerpt

A song with no lyrics

Like magic with no tricks

Normal is not her world anymore

She would not know now

What to do and how

Living under the darkness

Burdened with her mess

She built a routine

Something she can’t clean

She fears the dawn

She wants the dawn

Like a swimmer who never swam

She fears she will drown

Lived too long to be a creature of blues

She wonders

If she can handle world bright and new

She holds on to her pain

Like it’s her umbrella under the rain

Of doubts and uncertainty

Of a life torn between

Happiness and insanity….!!!!


This phase of my life is called “The Transformer”…!!

No, i haven’t seen part 1 or 2 or 3, or if there is a part 4, of the movie Transformer and i don’t even like Megan Fox, but still if i had to give a name to my life i would call it “The Transformer”. This phase of my life, right now, is called Transformer for simple reasons. Have you ever felt that you changed into a whole new person, maybe a better one, because of people around you or events in your life? I think everyone changes and transforms into a different person at some point, some of us change because of a newly found love, some find success in their professional life changing them and some grow up to be a changed person because of personal turbulence.

Anyone who says i never felt transformation in myself is either lying or is unaware of it or maybe yet to go through it. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but i believe that transformation into a different kind of person with time, and by events happening, is a major part of life.  Motherhood makes a woman transforms into a caring and overprotective mother, Marriage turns a carefree girl into a responsible wife, love makes a boy into a grown up man and so on. All these examples are mere reference to what I’m saying that we all change or transform into someone, we didn’t knew existed inside us.

The reason i call this phase of my life “Transformer” is because i find myself being transformed back into the kind of person i was few years back. Few weeks ago a friend of mine told me that i have changed; truth is i was always this person that I’m right now. I just transformed into a whole new person for a while, a stronger one. Like i said, sometimes people or events change you, my job, my new-found world and experiences changed me. But i was always aware of the transformation and knew that soon i would be walking backwards, it was only a matter of time.

Today, i have gone back to being who i was. No i haven’t turned into a bad or mean person; trust me i was always a nice person. I have just transformed back to the lone soldier i was. I feel like a transformer, only my life doesn’t contain gadgets, robotic cars, aliens and spaceships. My life contains circumstances that make me as human as possible, only a human who is lost and different.

I’m in phase of being transformed again into a person i was once, only this time i know better..!!



Kony 2012

I just saw a video (thanks to my friend and i guess its time for me play my part in making Kony famous.

Joseph Kony needs to be stopped. I may not be in US to support the Invisible Children but i have what it takes to make Kony a famous man..i have power to share, through my blog. Today, i present Jason Russel’s mind-blowing efforts of creating a better world for future generation. Presenting Kony 2012, please go through the whole video. I scream Kony out-loud, cause i want him to get the status he deserve in order to come under the radar of people who can stop him.


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