Love is no sin…!!!!

Walk left

Walk right



& fight




Want to



Make friends



You are

A rockstar



Get a ring

Or another drink

Make boats

And planes

Draw words or lanes

On the wall


Or stand



Lie down

Sing loud

Be proud

Stay angry

Be hungry


Kiss again

Go out in rain

Cry for real

Eat big meal

Get high

Drive fast

Put music on blast

Sing with the song

Do everything right

Try everything wrong

Love someone

Get a pet

Smile at everyone

Dance alone

Dance with everyone

Cook a meal

Burn some

Write a letter

Tear down a sweater

Sleep in your denims

Plan road trips

Sit with your mom

Go to Rome

Fall in love

Fall again

Break a heart


Another story

Live the pain & the glory

Read books

And turn pages

Click pictures

Capture the ages

Find a soul mate

Play chess

Do a checkmate

Love your coffee

Spill a little

Live a little

Live a lot


A little

Shop more

Share more


A bad painting

Keep it

Like it

Buy cars

Small toys

Race with boys


With girls

Eat ice-cream


Dream again

Spill food

On yourself

Leave CDs on bookshelf

Watch lots of movies

Dress up nice

& Groovy

Run a lot

Sweat a lot

Walk slow

Watch the sun rise

& the moon glow

Hide a flower

In a book

Be believer

Or an atheist

Find christ

Or love

Cloud & morning mist

Fall & bleed

Buy stuff & feed



Say I love you

To the face

In the mirror

Say your grace


Let go

Of you

Do whatever

Makes you

Believe in forever

Don’t let the world

Tell you

What’s right

Or wrong

Be true

Be strong

Don’t cave


Be brave


Love is no sin…





ME wasn’t Me always…

Tonight (again no reading or writing) i explore my windows phone. I have a windows phone and i still don’t know much about it. So today i download few apps and have been going through the phone like it’s someone else’s phone. Good news, now windows 8 people can use Instagram. Yay.

Imagine i create a Twitter account; i follow all my favourite TV and movie and non movie-TV people. And one fine day i see a picture upload from Ian Somerhalder and i click on the link and it says i can’t access because i don’t have Instagram…O COME ON. I mean Windows had no Instagram. I was like WHHAAA?

I had a good day for first half but after lunch i was like sleeping with my eyes open. Why won’t i sleep on time?

Tomorrow i have been invited to a b’day party of a colleague and I’m totally bailing on it with the power and ability to lie. I don’t want to spend 3-4 hours of my life with bunch of girls who would get all wasted, laugh, dance and make me wonder why can’t i be like them? Why I’m so uptight and why I’m so me? Not that I do not like ME. I love ME. I do, but sometimes my blues are so heavy that a part of me that wants to give up envies everyone around even the ones i don’t want to be like, no matter what.

I have to go. Why cant i just sleep on time, get up early for workout and drive to work on time and come back on time? Because that would be so not ME…

Goodnight World!

Sometimes people can look at you and yet not see you…!!!!

When I was a teenager, a little girl, I believed in love stories and I hated people who had anger in them and ironically (I wonder if that’s how the word is used) today I’m the last one to smile at love stories and anger is my middle name.

How does a person changes so much? I don’t know.

You know how we all have fears? I have so many of them and one of them is being forgotten. I don’t know why I’m so blue right now, wish I knew. Funny thing I don’t even know what exactly is making my eyes watery. Good thing I have ice-cream this time.

It’s been 3 months since Snowy went away and I still keep forgetting he isn’t around. Sometimes I when I’m busy doing something I tend to look around to see what he is doing and it hits me, right there right then.

Yesterday two of my very good friends, individually and separately, were discussing some issues with me. Both were super stressed out and upset and I was trying to be the good listener, the helping party. At one point I asked myself where I go. Whom should I call and tell things? Who will hear me and just nod because I don’t want any advice or words just ears.

Right now I am totally high on emotions and anger is one of them. Mostly I’m angry, because people can’t see me. They look at me but not really see me.

Some days I just want to lock myself in my room and do not nothing but read or write, not talk to anyone, just lay down looking at the ceiling, say nothing just keep humming my favourite song. Then there are days when I want to stand up walk out, smile, dance, talk, sing, work on my story, believe that I can be a writer, dream that there is a dawn and understand how at the end it’s all going to get in to places.

I should just sleep or read or whatever.

Goodnight world!

P.S this cover of Radioactive is way too awesome. Better than original.

“Dont hold your breath, you stop thinking when you stop breathing…Breathe”

I’m a totally crazy kid, if am allowed to call myself a kid, because right now I’m sitting on my bed under the quilt with my laptop and headphones. Its 2 am and I’m almost dancing trying to make sure I do not end up throwing the laptop and waking up my Snowy who is pretty much cursing me for not sleeping.

So, why I’m dancing while being buried under the quilt, with my laptop on me? Simple, I just had best back to back episode marathon. Grey’s Anatomy just made me cry with a smile and Glee o man o man I missed you. The musical audition had some amazing songs and Marlie is my favourite Glee kid now, though I still miss Santana but Marley is pretty awesome too. And if I can get me a cap like hers, I guess I would be happy to grow my hair.

The last scene of Grey’s Anatomy when Meredith hugs Christina was so emotional but it wasn’t sad. It was like a different kind of emotional. This time they had an episode solely focused on these two besties and their life in different parts of the world. I love them both and the kind of rapport their share, I can still imagine the first episode when all they wanted was to get that surgery with McDreamy. Today they are each other’s person. For a change an emotional episode made me not feel sad like “why-do-I-watch-Greys” sad.

Now Glee, there was no Santana, no Kurt or Rachael but it still had a pretty decent plot with new comers showing their talent. Unique and Marley’s audition was awesome…and I loved Kitty and Jake’s audition too. Wish they had given more scenes to Blaine.

This is what I was waiting for past few days finally I got my Friday night. Music makes me breathe and dance and cry and believe….!!!!

Both these episodes had some really awesome quotes. Winner would be “Dreams aren’t free”

I was happy sad, I was sad sad and I was happy happy. Fiction does this to me, makes me feel all the emotions I lock up. That’s why I write Dominique or Jane Doe.

So it’s Friday night which means from tomorrow I have my holidays. Today no one was in working mood, everyone was acting like me…looking at the time. And when the clock struck 630, all I could hear were happy voices wishing each other “Happy Diwali”. I’m not a festival person but I’m a holiday person. Diwali is one awesome festival but I prefer to celebrate it my own way, different from others. Will tell how on Tuesday, till then I have something else to offer. Tomorrow I plan to upload an excerpt from Jane Doe.

Today one of my best friends was discussing politics and she asked me some question about my view son something and I said something like I don’t care, I have no views. She was a little disappointed at the answer but I couldn’t really say anything else. Truth is I’m not that girl who has no idea what’s going on in her country or around the world and who has no opinions to give…but now I don’t care to give my opinion or say how I feel about a particular scenario. Truth is reason i don’t care to give my opinion is because no matter who wins the election, which party gets the maximum votes, im pretty much screwed for the rest of my life. The dagger inside me is not going anywhere, no matter who wins or lose. Guess it makes me a shallow person, but i think its the anger and helplessness.

So i got to go now. Good night world!