Final struggle…One more try…!!!!

2:45 am, sleepy eyes, headphones on my head, as i type and type. Managed 2000 words but now my eyes wont let me see the screen. 900 words more and i cross 30k word count. just 3 days left. no way i can manage 20k more but now im like the fish out of water. struggling hard to get back into the water. I dont know why after giving up and wasting last few days with a white flag, im now back to trying again. i have Gotham tomorrow and its almost 3 in the morning, yet i wont go to bed without 1000 words more.

Im dead tomorrow, so dead. I hate you Little, go sleep, stop trying to kill yourself…i say all that but i wont go. Okay world, crazy me is busy with Jane Doe. See you tomorrow.

P.S Santana is not only my favorite character she is also my favorite singer from Glee



Wild imagination made J.K Rowling a celebrity…!!!

Its 2:30 in the morning and i just wrapped up my first write-up for NaNoWriMo with 1876 word count. I’m still far behind because i missed day 1 but hopefully i have a weekend to catch up.

Super sleepy and tired. Have office tomorrow and im sure its going to be difficult to stay awake. Man! im dead tomorrow. Well i got to go now. I had to write, because writing is all i have. I dont care how crazy my stories are, im just happy to write. Well i believe its okay to be little crazy after all wild imagination made J.K Rowling a celebrity…!!!

Yay! Jane Doe begins. 🙂

Goodnight world!