of course you can judge her…it costs you nothing!!!!!

One of the easiest thing in the world, and absolutely free of cost, is to judge someone…who cares about the backstage story or the ‘why’ behind things. So sure go on judging, its fun and free…o don’t worry about her, she would survive. Nothing that a good song, few tears and a cup of coffee wont heal.


I’m in love with this song…

I’m having an effin week specially last two days, so when i come home at 10 every night broken and exhausted i look for songs. All i want to do is give me some music therapy and i make sure i listen to this one.

Truth is, the only place to find love is in movies and music…


One of those days, when Joker makes Batman sweat…!!!!



Super duper busy week…Gotham is killing me. If i survived by Friday, i shall party hard. So for now, here’s an awesome cover song by Lindesy Stirling my current favorite artist.


Wish you were here…!!!!

As I lay here on my sofa, I can’t stop but wish you would jump up and put your head on my stomach asking me to give you attention.
My heart is in pain right now. Wish you were here.

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and the wedding is over…almost!!!!

As you know I have been MIA from blogging because of the family wedding. So tired and exhausted, every part of me hurts.
There is nothing more exhausting than an indian wedding. Have never drove this much. And its damn hot outside.
I hate summers so much…I hate it.
Am just desperate for a quiet day at home. Just my room which has been taken from me. I can hardly find a place to sit alone.
And from tomorrow its back to Gotham. No rest, no break…!!!!

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Taking refuge in the world of Blair Waldorf…!!!!

So I’m avoiding writing, any kind of whether its blogging or working on my story. I’m just not sure how to write, because writing makes me real and I’m trying to be not me. I’m trying to be someone, anyone but not me because the real me is messed up and needs fixing.

Im trying to bury myself in Gossip Girl and endless number of songs while keeping me up till late night so that when i actually go to bed ready to close my eyes, i would be so tired that i wont have time to think and i will automatically fall asleep…Voila…no thoughts, no blues, no tears and no nothing. But being too smart always means you are being too stupid to, for example while i try to keep me busy, exhausted and away from thoughts im also throwing me into a sleep deprived monstrous mode where i might sleep without thoughts but i wake up bitter, angry, tired, exhausted and asking for sleep.

Lately i have started keeping a small diary with me at work, which helps when im having moments where i need to blurt out things but i cant.

Let me say this, i love Blair Waldorf and she is the only reason i watch Gossip Girl or maybe she is the biggest reason among others. I love Lily and Rufus too, their love is so cute. Im not a big fan of Serena but i do kind of like it when she always leaves her stuff to be with her best friend. But i cant stop this Gossip Girl topic without mentioning Dorota. Man! she is awesome.

Truth be told this is not the weekend i wanted, i had a busy day today and will have the same tomorrow but i just need a slow boring lonely weekend where im tortured with nothing but my own company.

Today my mom asked me about the status of Jane Doe and i told her its on hold for now because i need a break. Truth is i need break from my thoughts, so i can actually write plus i need break from endless episodes of television shows that i keep downloading to burn my mind.

I’m addicted to fiction, cant get rid of my headphones and super sleep deprived…!!!!



Not everyday…!!!!

not a soul
who knows
the pain
i go through again
& again
some nights
i fight
and then some
i lose
hugging myself
there is no word
i havent spoken
to make myself someone
im not
who doesnt hurt
i carry a heart
so broken and hurt
i see everyone
looking at me
i see noone
looking at the
blues i wear
darkness i stear
finding myself on the
other side
i have cried
every now and then
wondering if and when
it wont hurt, no more
i wont feel empty anymore
today i just cant walk
voices wont talk
fallen little too harder
i cant go any further
so i lie here
telling myself
its okay to fall
its okay to bleed
its okay to stop
not everyday
you can pretend
not everyday
you can fool
not everyday
not everyday…!!!!

If only there was a shop for hugs…!!!!

Tired and sleepy. I want to sleep, every part in my body is begging me to fall dead till morning and i might actually do that. Im not sad im just sleep deprived which makes me sort of low. I wish i could just get a hug right now.

Leaving you guys with a scene from Up. I love this movie.