Dear George Mallory…!!!!

It took me sometime but i finally managed to finish “Love letters to the dead” and I’m ready for the new novel based on series “The Killing. Can’t wait. Love letters to the dead was more or like similar to “The perks of being a wallflower” but both the books have their own charm. A part of me relates to protagonists in both the books, for a moment there i couldn’t help but notice that Charlie was projection of my own self in a different way.


I haven’t written letters to anyone for ages now. I used to, once. I truly was good with letters because i used to write letters to my friends, close friends. Letters with and without reasons. Funny how we grow up and everything changes because of experiences and time and life.

If i was to write a letter to a dead celebrity, like Laurel did in the book, i would choose George Mallory. When i read Paths of Glory all i wanted to know was what happened to him and his partner. I mean did they make it? Did he get to put his wife’s picture up there? What happened that day? Where is Andrew Irvine?

I’m nothing like George Mallory but his life fascinates me. His love for Ruth and Everest is amazing. If only i was that kind of person, with true motivation and hunger in me. If only, I was driven by a passion so deep, so true. I want to ask him, if he was scared when he fell? Did he felt lost? Cause i m scared all the time and I feel lost all the time. I wonder what Ruth must have gone through, not the part where she lost her man but the part where she didn’t even know what happened to him, did he or did he not get to make his dream come true? I’m obsessed with it, wonder if it bothered her and for how long? If only Mallory could know how his grandson followed his footstep and kept his legacy alive by reaching the Everest.

For me George Mallory and Amelia Earhart are two heroes, real heroes. I’m obsessed with their mysteries. I can only hope TIGHAR would one day find her plane. We can’t bring her back or know what exactly happened, but it would be like having a closure.

Dear Brittany Murphy…!!!!

I don’t know what I want from life, I really don’t know. Because I can’t seem to break out of my bubble and accept life the way people do, the way it should be. I am hiding in layers of denial with every cell in my body hoping for a movie like miracle to stop the world from crashing down on me, even though I know that’s how the story would end. I would be bulldozed by reality.

Sometimes I miss writing diaries because that’s where I can actually be all pitiful and pathetic. Well, truth is writing diary only would make me more sad because I would open up for real and I have seen every time I have tried to open up I couldn’t shut up. I remember when I once had a moment of truth sharing with a friend, it felt so good because I spoke my heart out about things hidden inside punching me from inside so they could just carve a hole and get out of me. For first few days I was happy I found someone to talk to and then I realized there was this need to talk and talk and talk every day every second of every hour. I realized it wasn’t good. All I wanted was to talk about myself and my pain, I just couldn’t think about anything else or anyone else.

There is this thing about pain, you have to share it to a level where you can feel better but that’s it. Releasing the years of pressure accumulated inside fast and quick would drown you and the other person in it.

Why can’t I just give up and be the world wants me to be, normal and uncomplicated?

I have started reading “Love letters to the dead” and its quiet similar to “The Perks of being a Wallflower” which is good in a way. I love the latter one. If I had to write a letter to a dead celebrity, I think I would choose Brittany Murphy because of Uptown Girls and Girl Interrupted. Being someone who spends a lot of time with fiction shows and movies, I have this thing with the characters. I love them so much that I wish they were for real.

I could also write to George Mallory because man I need to know what happened to him. Amelia Earhart.

I have to go now, I need to read and then sleep.

The more you sleep and rest the better you fake smile. True Story.

Goodnight world!

Little wants to meet Amelia…!!!!

Leaving the voices in my head and my love gone wrong for Gotham City, today I want to talk about something that is real and more exciting. I once read this interview of some actor and one of the question in the fun interview was “name 3 people you want to meet from history?” and since then I have had my list ready, in case (no I do not wish to rule Hollywood, I cant…they have Meg Ryan) someone asks me the same question on some random day of random month, before crazy Mayans kill the world. O by the way, if that happens am going to be really mad at Mayans, because there are things that I have to do and apparently there are not enough years left. Dammit!!

Back to my answer to the question, well I have always been fascinated with mysteries specially the real life one. So, i have some real good names ready.

Person asking the question: So, Little who are the 3 people you want to meet from past?

Me (excited because this time I have the answer): Lady Dianna, George Mallory and Amelia Earhart

Person asking the question: Wow! That’s an interesting answer…

Me (interrupting): oh oh oh can i also add Anne Frank pleaseeeee

Person asking the question: Little we need only 3 names

Me (interrupting): Oh oh oh and Jack from titanic if he is for real. Is he?

Person asking the question: Like I said, only 3 names and I’m not sure if Jack is rea…

Me (interrupting): And i want to know who the hell is Jack the Ripper…also Neil Armstrong

Person asking the question (shocked): Oh My God, he is alive…

Me (interrupting): Is he? Sorry.  Okay, Can I add Hitler and Osama to the list? I know they are the bad guys, but maybe I can stop them using my super powers.

Person asking the question (Shot himself or asked his boss for a transfer to North Pole)

Me (Still thinking with my one eye closed, unaware of the absence of the interviewer): and who else? Maybe the first person to make Denims, best thing ever..And maybe…

Yes, when I decided I will tell you about 3 people I want to meet I actually went on a train of thoughts about who else can I add, despite knowing that I need only 3 names. See I can add my touch of twisted-ness (am pretty sure there is no such word) everywhere, even in a post as simple as talking about Amelia Earhart.

Truth is today I read this wonderful news related to the search for Amelia Earhart’s crashed Lockheed plane which vanished somewhere above Pacific Ocean, with Amelia and her co partner Fred Noonan on board. I have been fascinated with Amelia’s story for long now. Fact that she is a true super woman who made her name in the world of Men when people never thought women can do much. She flew solo, made records and made Press and Media go gaga over her.

I saw ‘Night at the Museum’ and I was like dude who is this woman, then I download movie Amelia, read the book on her and googled on her. I even found out conspiracy theories on her being captured by Japanese or her changing identities to live as someone else. Crazy things can be found on a simple story, I tell you. Anyhow, I was really amazed by her courage and style and was sad that a person so awesome died with no on knowing what really happened.

So when I read that they have found piece of a cream Jar that resembles to one Amelia had, I stumbled upon the TIGHAR project set up to find Amelia’s lost plane. They have been collecting huge amount of money to get the hi-tech equipment for a deep underwater search of the area where the experts believe the crash took place. On 75th anniversary of the last flight, TIGHAR will go on the search with Discovery filming the whole operation. This is even better than Titanic search, because everyone knew what happened to Titanic.


Also, George Mallory is another mystery that fascinates me. Everything from his courage, his love for his wife, his passion for climbing to the unanswered question “did he or did he not make it to Mt.Everest?”…everything makes me want to time travel on the last day when he took his steps towards Mount Everest. The book “Paths of Glory” is something, I believe, everyone must read.

And, of course everyone knows why I would want to go back to past to meet Lady Di.