Life is no P.S I Love You…..!!!

Sometimes, i find myself standing at a point where i just can’t help but wonder what is life was as easy as they show in Hollywood movies. There are over dozens of movies i would love to live, but today i found myself going back to P.S I Love You.

Who wouldn’t want to go to Ireland and fall in love with someone as good looking as Gerald Butler, but that’s not why i kept on thinking about this movie. It was the scene where Holly (Hillary Swank) locks herself in her apartment and tries to figure out what she wants to do in life. She jots down her “Career Goals”, like she wants a bigger apartment, huge salary and etc.. She makes charts and sketches of different things which she always thought about, while Gerry’s voice guides her how she can’t be a “Secret Agent” and reminding her that “Vampire Slayer do not exist”… and then after few more weeks of thinking and doing nothing, while staying in her apartment she one fine day accidently finds out about her love for shoes and her secret shoe designing skills. She starts designing her owns footwear at home and then she joins some course and KABOOOMM…she becomes Holly ‘The shoe designer’.

Why can’t i be Holly? Why can’t i just give up my work, lock myself in my room and sulk to a point where accidently something happens and i know what i have to do and what job will make me happy? Why do i have to be the Holly who shows beautiful giant apartments to other people, while she lives in a small one room set?

Don’t take me wrong… there is nothing wrong in being a one-room apartment Holly.  It’s just that for past two days this one scene has been dancing in front of my eyes. Guess, it’s the dreary work routine.

Probability of getting stuck in an elevator thrice,  on the same day, is way higher than getting a phone call, where you end up throwing the remote on the voice-mail machine only to find a fallen buckle on your shoe which silently whispers to you…you should design shoes…!!!!

Like i said…Life is no P.S I Love You….!!!!!