I love characters who make me want to be their friends…!!!

For long I had this wish to put a tick mark against one of my bucket list wish – to watch a movie alone. At first it  started as a thought of doing something fun and crazy cause who really goes for movies alone? But I never had the courage because I thought watching a movie alone is the saddest thing in the world and no matter how sad my life goes I will never do this.

Life heard me, laughed and said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED…

So, when life hits you that Ace you just have to stand there and wonder what happened to your backhand. Anyhow, I did reached that point where one fine day I just booked a ticket and went alone. I was nervous, little excited and kind of scared because I had no idea how to just go there, sit and watch a movie with no one to look at, when there is something funny or sad or scary on the big screen. But, it wasn’t bad in fact it was liberating. I know a tiny part of  me from the old-me is kind of dying right now in some corner of my head reading these words, but honestly it was the best thing that I ever did for me.

This Saturday when I sat there in an almost empty theater watching Age of Adaline on the big screen, I realized what a magical world we have in the movies. They make you forget everything that pushes you to that dark corner of the road and make you want to live forever singing it’s-a-beautiful-world. The stories and characters and emotions on that big screen in a dark hall are so majestic and beautiful that for those 2 some hours world feels good, nice, kind and even a gift.

There is something about watching a movie on a big screen and for a long time I felt sad for missing on movies because I had no social life, the people I was dependent on had other people, my issues were often making friends unfriend me leaving me all by myself.

I don’t know how sad it sounds but doings things for yourself isn’t sad its fun and liberating. You don’t have too lie to yourself or ignore yourself and give reasons for not being in mood for an outing, because you know you wont leave you for crazy mood swings, socializing issues and crazy self created walls/rules around your life. People would do that to you, you wouldn’t do that to you.

Voices: Adaline?

Me: Fish! sorry…All I wanted to say was watch Age of Adaline. Great movie.

Voices: Was that so hard?

Me: I thought a little history would be good.

Voices: A little? You would have written a book on your sorry life.

Me: I couldn’t have, for a book I would have needed a fictional name, few character introductions and.. Oh! was that sarcasm?

Voices (Rolling eyes)

So, in short I started today’s post with an aim of giving a review of Age of Adaline and how magical I felt while I sat there watching this movie, wondering what a beautiful world a movie creates for us. But, I ended up blabbering. So here I go – I watched Age of Adaline and Blake Lively was flawless, I never much liked her as Serena in Gossip Girl because her character was not the kind I would want to be friends with but I would definitely want to be friends with Adaline.


i love 80s and 90s…and Winona Ryder!!!!

I have been planning to watch a Jodie Foster movie but ended up watching Winona Ryder’s Boys. God, she is amazing. I can never get bored of watching Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder and Meg Ryan…these are the finest set of actors. 80s and 90s truly had some of the best actors and classic movies.

Jodie Foster movie marathon day…!!!

I did a Jodie Foster movie marathon today, manged two movies couldn’t watch the third one but maybe tomorrow. Yes, i know i’m in love with Meg Ryan and Winona Ryder but Jodie Foster is awesome. She is like too good. I watched two more movies today, they were heavy and serious stuff but she was excellent. “The Brave One” and “The Accused” both were good, dark but damn good.

Have a busy day tomorrow, hope my health supports me. Its getting difficult to stay active all day now.


Little wants to make a movie…!!!!

I think i have been bitten by Jodie Foster bug because im kind of becoming obsessed with her work. After i saw Little Man Tate it has become worse because now im downloading Taxi Driver, which will be followed by Accused and Silence of the Lambs. I have never written a fan mail but i would love to send one to Jodie Foster, but i have no idea where she lives.

I sometimes wish i could direct a movie. I do. Because i want my stories to be shown, if they cant be made in books i wish i could just bring them out as movies.

Today something strange happened. You know how when you want an idea, a story or a concept but you just wont get it and then it would fall on you out of nowhere. well, that’s what happened.

I have had decided against taking part in NanoWriMo this year because its going to be a busy month as in the No-Time-For-50,000Words busy. But today, as i sat there in my work station staring at the screen with lazy and bored eyes and music in my ears, i got a story. Like a picture it started playing in front of my eyes, so i decided to put the song on replay to not to disturb my thoughts. And since then i have been writing a little bit, every minute, inside my head. O man! now i want to do NanoWriMo badly, time or no time. But problem is my story is so much fresh inside me that i want to just jot it down and not wait for November. The wait is killing me and im afraid it will go cold by then.

Leaving you with the song that helped me find my NanoWriMo story for 2013…

Little loves Jodie Foster…!!!!

Last night I saw Jodie Foster’s Little Man Tate. Its a beautiful movie. Just what I expected from Jodie Foster for she is a brilliant brilliant brilliant, actor and a director.

Its a touching movie that makes you smile and cry and feel the characters, while being happy to have stumbled upon it. The complexity of a gifted six year old kid’s mind who feels different because he is too smart for his age, the love of a single young mother who may not be the smartest thing in the world but who knows that she loves her son and the way they are connected despite being so opposite.

Such a beautiful work by her and the kid who plays Fred Tate. You rarely get to see such good movies now. Last weekend I saw Winona Ryder’s “When love is not enough-the Lois Wilson story” and she was brilliant too.

Is always refreshing to see a well made movie with a concept so touching. But sometimes even some of the best actors tend to give you a movie not so nice. Today I went to theatre to watch Prisoners and it was a sad scene. Mark wahlberg directed movie with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal as the big names in the cast, yet I didnt get that feeling that I want to watch it one more time. Here is the thing if a movie makes you want to watch it one more time, its a movie well made. Like Little Man Tate.

Prisoner is made on a simple concept of a young girl getting kidnapped, worried father doing everything to find her and cops looking for who did it. I once saw a movie (coincidently Mark Wahlberg was the actor) based on same theme and it was titled Lovely Bones, but this one was handled so beautifully that it made me feel the pain of a parent and anger for the actor who played the bad guy. Prisoner was more confusing that emotional.

So its monday now and I wish I could get one more day off but thats not going to happen.

I have decided to cut down on my tv shows now, its difficult but am going to try. I have been ignoring reading and it makes me guilty.

Goodnight World!
Happy and safe Monday to you and me…

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Meg Meg Meg….!!!!

So as you know I’m a sleep deprived monster who can turn into hulk or crying baby anytime, thus i have decided to call it a night. But before i go let me tell you how awesome the day was, first i get to meet one of my best friends after along time and i get a collection of all….wait for it….MEG RYAN movies.



Yes, you heard it right she burned 5-6 DVDs for me with all the Meg Ryan movies and now i have them all in my possession. Im rich with Meg Movies. Like super rich, even the ones i haven’t seen are with me now. My friend knows me; she knows how happy this collection makes me. I miss her alot sometimes, we go way back to our teens when we were crazy school kids. She is one of those people i worry about.

Even as i try to write my eyes refuses to stay open, so i better go now. Goodnight World!

I have a question before i go…Is it sad if you fall in love with fictional characters?

Huh! all the things we believe as kids…!!!!

“Jane Doe” that’s what I plan to name my NaNo work though I still have no faith in me and my ability to make it but there is no harm is trying. Although I would miss Dominique for next one month and no Dominique might make me sad, but I have to stop thinking about it for few days.

So, Jane Doe is pretty much my next task for the darkness inside me. I think I have mentioned this before, writing makes me human and it keeps me connected to the emotions inside me. I rarely feel emotions like I should; sometimes I’m just too cold for others. My friends tell me that I’m a nice person but I’m self obsessed and self absorbed and mean and rude. I don’t deny it. Only good thing that I see in me is that I do not lie about myself or deny my flaws. Writing is one place I feel emotions I should feel, love, friendship, happiness, loss and so on.

When I was a teenager, still trying to wonder what’s wrong with my tiny little mind, I was convinced that I was going to be best girl friend or wife ever. I was sure that nothing in this world could make me not work on my relationship. I don’t know what in the world made me believe all that because not only am I least interested in marrying, I have never even had a real relationship. Crazy haan? I know.  I would blame all those Hollywood and bollywood movies that I have been watching all my life. Those were the days when movies were all about action or love stories. I don’t remember about kids? I hope I wasn’t convinced that I was going to be the best mother of all the time, because clearly kids shouldn’t be kept under my supervision. Not that I am harmful, I love kids, they love me too, as I’m always the one surrounded by kids in my family gatherings, but I’m not the role model one can have.

I was also sure I was going to like it being a grown up, which is funny because being one has made me realise that the big world of grownups is a mean place. It’s like a game where you play with their rules and if you don’t you are pretty much out or as grownups say “you are screwed”.

Voices: Hey genius

Me: Hi

Voices (Shaking Head): Dude!

Me: What now?

Voices:  Jane Doe …Jane Doe…

Me: Dammit!

So, I was supposed to tell you about Jane Doe. Don’t know why I walk out of a topic. Jane Doe is going to be a story about my lead character but the story would be told by two people, who meet in an accident. I don’t know how I plan to end it or even the body, but I have a start in my mind. A picture is ready only I don’t know where to go from there.

I am also searching for few songs that will help me with the scenes, as I can’t write if I don’t have music. Americano is one song that has been helping me a little but I need more. Good thing NaNo begins with a weekend so I have time too think and think.

Today, I (mentally) created a whole chapter of Dominique while staring at my computer at work. Yes I can do that.

I remember now when I was kid at one particular phase i wanted to be nothing but a house wife. Oh this has to be the funniest part of my being a kid. Still laughing now that i remember it. Hmm…If I could go back in time what would I do?

ME NOW: Hey little


ME NOW: What are you doing?

ME THEN: Watching a nice movie. Why?

ME NOW: Nothing, just don’t believe in what they show. You know true love is not meant for you. And of course you are not going to be crying in tears seeing a ring on your finger.

ME THEN: blinking eyes with open mouth

ME NOW: You know it’s pretty obvious happily ever after is just what they say in stories. Oh and really a writer? Do me a favour; work on your other subjects too. Little girl why don’t you work hard on your science? Scientists are cool people too.

ME THEN: blinking eyes with open mouth

ME NOW: And no, failing in Math does not means you opt for house wife as a profession. Its just a subject.

ME NOW: And believe me no one lives under your bed. Stop jumping directly from the bed to out of your room. Not cool.

ME THEN: watching TV again

ME NOW: Hey did you hear me?


Mom is write I should eat more veggies I have started seeing things. Maybe I should not throw my milk in washbasin.

ME NOW: right about the milk…STOP THROWING YOUR MILK. Huh!

Anyhow, so I have started Harry Potter 2 today and I don’t know how many earth years am I going to take to finish. Got to go now.

Goodnight world!