Step one, step two, step three…step thousand & eighty three…!!!!

She has been walking

For hours

For years

All alone

For miles

Yet its the same

The road

The sky

The load

Of her emptiness

Is her only


Her Oblivion

Is her only friend

So much walking

She finds herself

At same place

With no grace

She is a face

With questions

She throws

At the birds

The crows

The wall

The sky

And then few more steps

Few more turns

She stifles a cry

Drags herself

From left to right

All alone

With heart so

Heavy like a stone

She is bitter

Punished by her own existence

To her

Nothing makes sense

Where and when it all began

The plan

Of universe

The mess

She has fallen into

Step one

Step two

Step one thousand & eighty three

When will she get free

For she wants no more

Of hopes and words

Sticks and stones and swords

Mean nothing to her


She fears the unseen

She wince

In pain

I quit she says

Yet she stays

On the road to nowhere

So much of moving

Still is here

She never moved

She never will

Standing still

Even after years of struggle

In the misty road of pain

She snuggles

up to herself in vain

How long has she been walking?

How long has this sadness been stalking?

She asks once more

She has lost the count and score

It comes back to

Step one

Step two

Some more tears

Another silent sniffle

And step three

Step four

Hundred more

To go

Thousands more to count

While she continues to mount…!!!

When all else fails, switch on a Meg Ryan movie…!!!!

So how do you smile when everything hurts? you watch a Meg Ryan movie. I wrote few words for Jane Doe and then i watched ‘Addicted to Love’. Meg Ryan makes me smile, she is awesomely awesome. I never get tired of her movies, dont know why.


I think my boss doesn’t like me or currently he is busy making me feel that way. Gotham gets heavy on me specially when my own inside hurts of words i cant say, things i cant explain and fear i cant escape from. I get this crazy idea which scares me and sadly i cant really share it with anyone, not even my bestest friends because it would worry them.

Sometimes i wish i could just stay in my bed all day and someone who would hug me and not let go of me. I hate this phase where all the hopes and smiles are drained because truth wont budge, it wont stop dancing inside me.