Hey Body, Little thinks you are awesome too…!!!!

Won’t be able to check other blogs today as I’m blogging via phone, because I don’t have stamina to sit n use laptop. Feel sick like sick sick.

Yes, I made it to the movie. I wouldn’t have given up on it because its like once a blue mood situation. My parents rarely go out for movies or other outings, so if I find a way to make them I do it. I wonder if they liked the movie, I do know my father didn’t.

So last night I turn of the light and try to sleep. I sleep but am awake too. My body is in pain, I feel bad. At 4 am I woke up and went to washroom. A 2minutes trip made me almost faint. Reminded me of that one day in hospital when I could hear my heartbeat out loud.
Anyhow, I don’t think I slept after that. Next thing I know its almost noon and I open my eyes still feeling weak but okay.

I told myself to get up and not give up. My body is awesome it worked well throughout the movie but then, I being me, ordered icetea. Mistake. I start feeling the chill again and next thing I know I could barely sit and watch the movie. Good thing I had already seen it.

I know how badly I wanted the movie to get over. Now am home, in bed, feeling sick. Stupid fever and bodyache. I wonder if am going Gotham tomorrow.