If im Batman, Stress in my Joker…!!!!

You know how every Super Hero has a Super villain? Well, i know who is my bad guy.

I suffer from Panic disorder, depression, anxiety, Acid Reflux and everything that makes a stomach go crazy and what’s common here? STRESS. Everything wrong with me is because of stress, hence proved my biggest enemy is stress caused due to reasons that i can share only with  me and myself.

Hate that stress has caused so much and the most recent problem is Acid reflux. Hate it. Whatever.


One of those days, when Joker makes Batman sweat…!!!!



Super duper busy week…Gotham is killing me. If i survived by Friday, i shall party hard. So for now, here’s an awesome cover song by Lindesy Stirling my current favorite artist.


Sigh! Batman is bored…!!!!

So for last two days work is slow and sort of boring which is kind of annoying because often less work pressure leaves me free enough to think and go all blue. Worst happens when, like today, i leave my headphones…my precious little blue headphones…home. It scares me and im like O GOD IM GOING TO DIE TODAY. Fortunately i ended up finding myself some hopeless but useful headphones for the day.

NOTE to self – Never ever leave home without your headphones. Really? Are you suicidal? Who leaves home withoutr headphones?

Anyhow, so im bored at work, so bored that all i do is wait for weekend. Don’t know why.

Im bored

I’m Bored

This is boring

Bored…so bored. Sorry buddy hitting you slowly today. Not in mood. here BAAM

Maybe angry birds would help

O God! its just Thursday today.



Sigh! Is it time to go home?