Rain :) ….No light…. :( !!!!!

Spending all day looking at the watch I waited for the evening. It was suppose to be my night. I had my epis downloaded, my movie ready. With no office tomorrow it was suppose to be my long happy night with fiction. But nope happy endings don’t happen easily.

I’m sitting in darkness, with no electricity and my inverter down which means no backup. It rained a lot and there was hailstorm. I was happy so happy with the weather, but now I’m like “WHATT?” 😦

Nevermind, I will manage with my headphones. 😦 😥 why why why

Please check out Americano/Dance again mashup by Glee. If you don’t like Glee, watch it for Kate Hudson. She is looking great.

I shall go n sulk in darkness with some songs. Good thing there is no Gotham city tomorrow  🙂

Goodnight world!

Being dark and twisted is an art too…!!!!

How can I blog without talking about Glee’s comeback episode, not possible for me. I’m a Gleek and I love the show, because it makes me accept myself and makes feel good about myself. Glee speaks to me in a different language.

So how was the first episode of season 4? Awesome. Every performance was awesome, every song wa rocking and I loved the entry of Kate Hudson. Cassandra the teacher is awesome. Kate Hudson just rocked the show with her mashup performance. I mean she nailed it. I’m really impressed with the new Glee club girl Marley Rose. Her performance of Chasing Pavements by Adele was so cool and I can’t wait to see more of her performances. And who is the new hunk Brody? Is he the new Finn? Darren Criss as Blaine was amazing again. And Glee’s Call Me Maybe was so classy.

Though I wonder if Santana, Mercedes and Quinn will be back and what about Finn? But I guess I will have to wait for more episodes. Oh am so happy Glee is back. Those 40 some minutes spent while watching Glee, I find myself as part of world where I feel accepted and loved. Crazy? Well call me crazy, being dark and twisted is an art too.

And I also finished (finally) all the seasons of Vampire Diaries. Dammit! Elena.

So funny thing happened…yes I got my haircut that’s not the thing am talking about. Well, I was sitting with my friend and she started joking about something and I was taking the lead and in the moment the whole conversation ended up entering my weak corner, the road no one has traveled not many at least. So now I’m talking about one thing that makes me who I’m. During the conversation my friend said something she didn’t mean, because we were joking but it hit me and hit me right where it hurts. This happens sometimes you just see everything about you being thrown high up in the air and kicked to ground, because only you know it is hurting you.

Never mind. Well I have a long day tomorrow because my friend and I have a movie marathon planned. Two back to back movies in same cinema. First we are going Richard Gere’s Arbitrage and then one hour later another movie in same theater. It is going to be crazy but so much fun.

I miss my phone’s messengers and the internet. I am so mad at my internet company almost on verge of changing the company. Maybe I will.

There are things I’m not doing, things seeking my attention. I need to swim inside my wardrobe and clear it, I need to work on my assignments and get my diploma of a wasted correspondence course (why Little why?), I have to give rest to my body with some good hour s of sleep and start workout and finally I need to give time to Dominique (I thought I had a deadline). I think I will work on it tonight, I hope I do.