I dont know about the world, but i apologise to you Reyhaneh Jabbari…


Humanity is dying everyday, every second. I will write this post, show my anger, my sadness and soon it would become a faded memory for those who would read and for me. We would move on to another story, another pain, another big news and another crisis.

When does this stops?

As always i see a world where empathy is crushed by stubborn beliefs, laws and society. Why are we spending so many billions on finding another planet with life, when we don’t even respect, care or think about the ones ending here every other day?

Compassion isn’t just a word…use it people!!!! #377

Today was a sad day in terms of Indian history. Our court failed to support the freedom and people’s right to live. LGBT community would have to fight little more, little harder. Hope not all is lost and Parliament would come out to save the day. #377