A Lone Reed….!!

Most of the time when i watch a prime time show i end up in tears at the end, even if it’s a crime show like Castle or a thriller like Nikita… cause it’s always a happy ending, well not for the bad guys killed but for the protagonist. In every show whether its teen musical Glee, teen thriller Pretty Little Liars or a family serial Grey’s Anatomy…there are always scenes that make me wonder what if i was that person? What if that’s how real life could be?

Truth is, real life never gives you the pleasure of going from grey to cheerful ending in 45 minutes. Real life takes you through a good amount of ride blue before you reach destination happiness. Darn it! I sound like a skeptical. No I’m not a skeptical. I believe in miracles and true love and happiness, except i also believe in logic and timings. You cant expect a miracle when you are at a wrong place at a wrong time. A prince charming rescuing you and taking you to the happily ever after land does happen, but you need to be at an accessible place. Yes, you can get rich, have lots of friends who like you and have a big apartment, but all these little dreams can only come true if you are on the right path. For everything to happen there has to be a reason. I mean if today i have a car or a job, it didn’t happen overnight…it started years ago. A path came across me when i was in college and i walked on it without knowing and here I’m.

In order to have true love, it is important that you are on same route of journey where the prince charming is. Else, sorry you are doomed to live in misery. Again, I’m not a skeptical person.  It’s just even magic needs little work. Somewhere something happens which leads things to a point, where you feel it was a miracle that it happened, but then if you look closely you can find reasons.

But unfortunately, right now i can’t see any, any logic, reason or can relate any possible explanations for a miracle to happen to save myself from my possible future. I see it coming to me and there is no way i can avoid it. All i can do is stand as long as possible…i still have some fight left in me. It’s like that line from You’ve Got Mail… Am a lone Reed…!!